Am I ever going to feel normal again?

hi i started feeling ill in Feb this year an was told in was labyrinthitis after feeling bad for so long i got referred to e.n.t and was told i had a migraine (mav) i have been on amitriptyline for 3 weeks (now on 30mg) and still feel bad am i ever going to feel normal again ???

Hi Clair,

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It sounds like you’re off to a good start with amitriptyline. Give it some time at an effective dose and you should feel better. If not move on to another med.

Weed out the triggers too obviously.

Good luck … Scott


Most likely you’ll feel normal again. There are many people who have come and gone on this forum because they’re back to normal again. It can be a long road for some and for some it’s not that long of road. Take a look through the success stories and you’ll see some pretty positive stuff through there about this condition. Scott is also very knowledgeable about MAV and a lot of others on here are too, so you’re in good hands here. Best of luck to you!!!


HI Clair,
I asked my psychiatrist that exact question, and he said, “You may have to redefine normal”…which made me so sad. I am happy to report that I feel almost normal on most days now…a lot of times I’m not obsessing about why I feel so badly. It took me a long time and the right meds, but I feel like myself again.
So have hope!
I tried Ami first, and it didn’t work for me…it didn’t hurt but it didn’t help the dizzies. I went on to Cymbalta and got to about 80% better…added in Klonapin at low, low dose daily and promethazine at a low dose (It is basically an antihistamine) and voila! 95% back to normal!!
Don’t give up!


Hi Clair -

I hate to say it, but 3 weeks is a relatively short trial. But the good news is many of us DO get better, and I’m one of them so hang in there! I hope you’ll be a success story too.