Am i experiencing a New symptom?

For the past few days when I’ve been feeling dizzy I feel like I’m going to faint, fall over and can’t walk in a straight line I walk all wobby or feels that way, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this feeling? I’m thinking of getting referred to my ENT again.
Also was wondering if someone could tell me what foods excatly contain MSG’s?

Hi Amy,

I think pretty much everyone on here feels that symptom - vertigo is most unpleasant.


It’s so horrible never really had symptoms like this before, I wish there was a magic cure so none of us will ever feel this way again

When my dizzy spells were severe, I definitely felt like I was going to faint. I also had difficulty walking.

MSG is often found in Chinese food (at restaurants), but is also found in a lot of processed foods - it’s good to read labels because you will see if it’s in there or not.

Hi Amy,
the “Heal Your Headache” book, by David Buchholz is good for discovering sources of MSG. Unfortunately, labels will rarely list “MSG” as an ingredient, but it may appear as “flavourings”, “natural flavourings”, “yeast extract”, “barley malt extract”, etc, etc. There is also bound to be sources of alternative MSG labelling on the internet, e.g.

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