Ambien and mav

Hi, I have been suffering, horribly, with mav for nine months now…I have been trialling and failing various meds, but am on 100 Mgs of lamitical. I saw a tiny, tiny glimmer of hope a week ago and now feel bad as ever again. I believe I am premenstrual. Anyhow, I have noticed, in the past, that after I take my 5 Mgs of ambien, about twenty minutes after, I physically feel a little better. I recently started taking 10 Mgs of ambien, with new increased prescription, and I have that little window of time where it even made me feel a little bit more better. Now, it in no way completely takes mav away, but does provide a tiny bit of relief, physically, from some of the symptoms. I would only trust this forum to not be judged as wacky, but, I swear, it is like the ambien shuts my brain off some and it feels good. Is there any drug that/ benzo that works very similar ? Maybe remeron? I am so desperate for some physical relief- more than that little bit of time before I go to sleep. It takes me so long to tiltrate up on lamitical (for me to get use to it) and am still trying that, but i am not much better at the moment. i know my anxiety is high and I try to calm myself, but it is hard when you have been so ill for so long. Anyway, I trust the info/people on this site so much, and it is so very helpful to know you’re not alone, but my kids/girls miss their mom so much–they are 7 and 9 now-- and i keep trying for them. Thanks, for listening and, hopefully, not thinking I am crazy. Leann

Wow! What timing, Leann! I was just going to call my primary care doctor’s office for an appointment to see if she will write me a prescription for Ambien.

I’ve been experimenting with various meds that make me sleepy to see if a good sleep helps my tinnitus. During the past two weeks, I had five nights here or there when I took Phenergan, and one night when I took 25 mg Atarax (an antihistamine) plus 1 mg Valium. Five out of the six following mornings, I woke to quiet ears. The other 10 mornings, I woke with tinnitus.

Of course, it could be a coincidence, but I thought I would be worth further experimenting. I know some types of tinnitus can be caused by issues with muscles controlling the eustachian tube, so I wonder if a deep-sleep helps with relaxing the pertinent muscles?

Interesting how you feel better MAV-wise with the Ambien. Keep us updated and let us know how it goes.

You’re a good mom. Your girls are lucky to have such a brave mother.

I tried remeron earlier this year. It didn’t end up working for me because it made my migraine headaches worse, but my doctors were very hopeful about it. Based on their opinions, it could be very effective. It did make me sleep really well!

clonazepam and diazepam are generally helpful for vertigo. If you take clonazepam at night you should feel the effects the day after and it will help you sleep, so you may not need the ambien then.

Ambien makes me feel absolutely terrible. It does not work for my insomnia and gives me terrible nausea.

Thanks for the replies…it is good to know others care enough to respond. :slight_smile: