American Idol

To my US board mates - Any of you watch American Idol and if so are you having problems? I’ve only been watching it sporadically this year but tonight I finally have a chance to sit down and relax. But 5 minutes into it and I am feeling so sick and have a terrible “car sick headache.” Feels as if any second I am going to start spinning. The swirling lights and words that were behind Paula and Simon and Randy and what’s her name got me off to a bad start, then it just got worse and they had weird camera angles and the camera didn’t stay positioned on any one person or scene for more than 5 seconds. All those changes have me feeling so sick. Since I seem to be especially sensitive to this tonight I’m now afraid it is because a vertigo attack is looming and by watching 5 minutes of this show I’ve set myself up for trouble. (btw, I’ve shut it off)


I do watch American Idol. Have not watched tonight yet. But, I have tremendous difficulty focusing on TV especially when there is a lot of movement. I’ve had this for 2 years, and didn’t get this new symptom until year 2. IT is frustrating because watching TV is one of the few things that I was able to do because it is a stationary activity.

I am an American Idol fanatic and I am listening more than watching because the lights are flashing …but with that said I will listen and enjoy it never the less!!!

BTW who is your favorite ???

I have lots of problems with motion, movies, etc but never noticed it so bad with American Idol before. And I haven’t watched it consistently this year so not sure if it is just tonight or what!?!?

Timeless, so far my favorite is Lil (I think that is her name, she sang a Celine song tonight). I"ve liked her from the start. Danny is also good I think. I’ve always been an AI addict but this year I have been so busy and it’s been interfering with my Dancing With The Stars time so I haven’t felt like I’ve “bonded” with them as I have in the past. Who is your favorite?

I like Danny…and I like Adam.

I have not bonded with them like in the past either. But maybe it will get better. :mrgreen:

Wow !!! It is so funny that you posted this question. I was a happy healthy normal person BEFORE I watched American Idol on January 17th, 2007. During the show the lights, movement and flashing suddenly bothered me and I suddenly became dizzy and have not returned to my normal self since that night. I didn’t watch American Idol for 2 years but a few weeks ago decided I’m not going to let this illness take my life away so I watched Idol but it wasn’t the same… not enjoyable to me anymore so I currently have no desire to watch the show. When I first got sick I remember trying to research whether the Idol show in particular was causing seizures or migraines in viewers. I didn’t come up with anything at the time. Now we know. Thanks for your post.

I can’t watch any kind of video, period. Makes me motion sick as hell within a minute (shaky/moving camera → seconds) and the sick feeling lasts for hours. :frowning:

When my symptoms first appeared, I was like that with any TV show, or movie that had spinning camera angles, camera angles looking down, things moving across the screen, etc. It can still happen to me when I am having one of my more severe dizzy spells, but I don’t get that bad that often anymore.


On a lighter note did anyone watch or listen to the show last night. It was a good show with all the performers they had on the show…what a diverse group they had participating.

Well what did you all think of the results if you did watch…surprised or not? They will both have fine careers…

It’s very hard for me to watch all tv, but I still struggle through it. I was very upset by last night’s outcome. I think that Adam is a MUCH better singer. I was extremely disappointed.

Gard for me to watch also Lisa i just sorta have it on in the room,can not do the flashing lights thing with the show have to look away but at least I can listen…

I was kinda disappointed too, Adam may be better off coming in 2nd he will have a lot more freedom to do what he wants…

I loved his performance with Queen that was awesome…

It is on you tube for those who want to watch it…