Amitriptyline stories

Okay so give me some feedback on Amitriptyline … Anybody on it now? How’s it working out? Side effects, etc.?

I started Ami last Sunday - 10 mg. For about the first five days I was really groggy most of the day. That seems to be less severe now even though I still have trouble getting going in the morning. Dr. Escandon wanted me to up the dose to 20 mg after a week but I think I’ll stay with 10 mg for a while longer. I’ve read there’s a chance of weight gain, and I’m obviously not happy with that idea. After a week my headaches seem to be lessening but the dizzies are still with me - no better, no worse. Don’t seem to have any additional cognitive problems - I’m more alert than I was on the Topamax. And Topamax made my … um … *bathroom activities *less ‘active’ & I’m happy to report that’s been resolved with Ami :mrgreen:

Hi Joy,

I took amy for 3 months a few years back. Never got up to 10 mg, just half to three quarter of a 10 mg tablets at night. Slept well, but woke with hangover head. Never used to properly wake up till 3 in the afternoon. No weight gain. I was less dizzy in the mornings on it, but couldnt get the dose up so after 3 months stopped.

I tried it again recently, but after 5 days, realized I was really depressed, stopped it and it went away, there was definitely a connection, that hadnt happened all those years ago. I use a half or three quarter now and again to get a good nights sleep now.