Amitriptyline working?

Hi, all -

I am new here and posted my story recently. The short version is that I’ve had vertiginous episodes (some lasting for months) over the past 13 months or so. I’m 38 and, before these, had only had a handful of short-lived ocular migraines in my life – no noteworthy headaches or any other typical migraine symptoms. Always been prone to motion sickness and once felt like I was on a boat for about three days after I had been on aboat trip. My father had a few ocular migraines in his life, but no one else had had anything like this.

I had an initial bout of vertiginous migraine for about 10 weeks last spring/summer, but I got rid of it through (I thought) diet and exercise. I had been bad about eating high-carb meals, esp. breakfast, that would result in a blood-sugar spike and crash, and was also over-caffeinating. It seemed as if once I changed some habits, things were under control. But then I got whacked again this year after taking high-dose naproxen for just two weeks for a foot injury. The neurologist thinks the rebound after I quit the naproxen is what brought the vertigo back on.

After being locked in a constant state of rocking and vertigo with head movements since mid-February, I finally agreed to try out amitriptyline. She started me at 5mg, and I went up to 10mg after a week. I thought it might be working a little when I took two flights in one day for work and didn’t get the severe rocking (usually, flights cause the rocking to flare up or get worse). But then I was in Las Vegas (the worst place for a migraineur, right?) for a conference last week, and I am guessing that must have just overloaded my brain because I was then in a constant state of rocking again for most of the three days I was there. The last night I was there, I got a lot of sleep and felt better, but then I started feeling the rocking again after the flight home.

But then, lo and behold, I was fine on Saturday and have been since, knock on wood. Could that low of a dose of amitriptyline actually be working? I am wondering if it is, and the Las Vegas trip was just such an unusual overload to my brain that I still got a migraine. I am hoping that I can get by on the 10mg for most of my normal life since I don’t think I am seeing any side effects yet, though I guess time will tell if I gain weight or whatever. But, jeez, I feel like a new person when I’m not rocking/spinning and just hope that this isn’t a fluke.

Thanks for this board and all of your advice.

Yes Sarah, 10mg of either Amitryptaline or Nortriptyline (sp?) is a very common dose for migraine prevention. Many people have to go up from there, but this was actually the first dose I was put on. It might just do the trick, and count your blessings that it did!
I have had the ocular migraines (twice) and motion intolerance, and that boat thing where I"m still rocking for days after getting off a boat…but no migraine headache ever…so I am probably similar to your symptoms…
Good luck and stay the course!