Just started amitriptyline and feel very groggy. Anyone had success with this with MAV?

nortriptyline (a similar drug) and amitriptyline are many doctors first choice for MAV, and I do know several people that got much better from these drugs. I tried Nortriptyline last year, but I didn’t get to a proper dose so I couldn’t tell if it would have helped. It did make me more dizzy and tired for the first 10 days or so of starting or making increases but the body does adjust. that is a very common side effect. I stopped the med because I ended up going to a different neurologist who wanted me to try Verapamil. I am pregnant now, but after the pregnancy I will most likely try Nort. again.

Hi StarLaura,
I have not tried Ami, but this is a first line treatment for many neurologists and is one of the few FDA approved drugs specifically for migraine. What dose are you starting at? Also, if you take it at bedtime and you are still groggy the next day, perhaps you can take it a little earlier in the evening, such as at dinnertime or so. Just a thought.

Best of luck with this med and keep us posted!

I was on 25mg of ami, stopped taking it for a short time and felt worse. I am now at 50 mg (for about 4 weeks) and I have felt better than I have in a long time. I am by no means better, but not nearly as miserable. When I first started taking it I would take it at 6pm because it would make me extremely tiered the next day if I took it any later. I now take 50 mg. around 8pm and feel no sedentary effects (night or morning). I will be upping my dose again the first week of October. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!
Good luck with your trial as well,

I’m on 30mg amitriptyline. I feel better now than before I started taking it, but I wish I could feel even better…


Me too, but at least I now have a glimmer of hope!

Thanks for the feedback. I’m starting at 25 mg and the neurologist said it would take four weeks before I knew if it was working and then maybe go up to 50. I will try to take it earlier because I feel like a zombie at work!! I fall asleep quickly but I keep waking up throughout the night. I will have hope that my body will adjust and someday I will feel better!!!