HI Again
I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of whether the tricyclics amitriptyline and prothiaden are exactly equivalent does to dose. I changed from 50mg of amitriptyline to 50mg of prothiaden (dosulepin, dothiepin) 3 weeks ago and I have not found it a smooth change over. In the last week I have noticed pressure coming back in my face around my sinuses, which had gone at 50mg of amitriptyline, so I am wondering if prothiaden is slightly weaker. I have been doing much more activities over the last couple of weeks and wonder if this has contributed also. I am worried I will have to go back onto ami or increase to 75mg of prothiaden and i dont know if i will be able to tolerate the side effects, I do seem to have less side effects on the prothiaden but they only come in 25mg capsules so it would be a big jump. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What were you side effectsf on the AMi?
I am not sure about the conversion, but I think your phamacist could tell you.
Good luck!

The funny thing is my mum is a pharmacist and so is my dad! The only info you can get is that starting doses are both 50-75mg, which is actually quite high :mrgreen: