So I saw my GP today about trying another medication, and too be honest he was totally stumped about how to treat MAV, it is just me or do doctors find it difficult to comprehend the idea of migraine where the issue isn’t headache.

Despite a very comprehensive letter from my neurologist he still tried to give me a medication to take when I have an attack. When I explained that would mean I would be taking them every day he was totally at a loss as to what to prescribe.

I suggested nortriptyline is it that a few on here recommended, but he misheard me and thought I said amitriptyline, which is what he has given me to “try” at the weekend as apparently it will make me really sleepy.

He is also writing to my neurologist to ask for guidance.

So what are the thoughts on amitriptyline? I am worried about it being an antidepressent as I quite like my current mood swings lol, I’ve always avoided taking them when low and now I’m going to take them when my mood is fine, it seems a bit backwards.

Are they generally successful at controlling the symptoms?

ANy advice would be great xxxx

Hey, I know nortriptyline has helped a lot of people on this forum…I believe that ami has the same mechanism of action but nori is just a metabolite of ami so is a newer drug and has slightly less side effects…correct me if I’m wrong anyone?? Did he say to start on a low dose and build it up?? Maybe it would be worth e-mailing or calling your neurologist and asking him to detail a specific med plan to your GP?? x

Hi ya

Its just 10mg before bed.

He is writing to my neurologist to ask for an alternative to Topiramte, but said I could try this till we hear back from him.

I’m not looking forward to it too be honest :frowning:


I don 't think you’ll have too many side effects on 10mg…I started nori on 25mg and didn’t notice anything. Good luck. xx

You won’t ever take amitriptyline at a high enough dose for it to start acting as an anti-depressant, so don’t worry about that. I had alot of luck with 10mg of amitriptyline, it allowed me to walk MUCH more easily again, although it didn’t help with many other symptoms. I am now trying propranolol, but i would definitely recommend amitriptyline xx