Amyltriptaline or Norotriptaline

Who takes what and good bad effects please?
My husband was told to take 10mg of Amyltriptaline then up it to 25mg in a weeks time.
He had awful side effects four days later…he’s been told to go back to 10 mg or he may be put on Norotriptaline. Will be interested on others opinions… Thank you

I’ve been on Amitriptyline for 5 months and found it an excellent drug for this condition.

What side effects? I’ve only had:

  • dry mouth (should go in a few weeks - I no longer get this)
  • mild constipation
  • sleepiness after taking the drug (I see this as a positive thing as getting a good night’s sleep is hugely important to limit migraines)
  • vivid nightmares (I’ve had about 3 in 5 months, no biggie)
  • some get increased dizziness initially on raising the dosage. I noticed this only after getting beyond the dose which controlled the migraines in any case.

For me I found it quite a gentle drug and in fact I feel so lucky that this was invented because my condition before I started taking it was way worse!

I’m on 20mg still and have been for 4 months. It’s controlled all the worst symptoms for me (visual hallucinations, nausea, migraines) and let me use the computer again and watch as much TV as I like. I still get bothered by indoor spaces with only artificial light on some occasions, but this never escalates to a migraine.

I was getting migraines every 2 days at the height of my symptoms. After 4 days of taking this drug I was migraine free and have been for 5 months now. In fact my response to this drug pretty much proved the major acute attacks were migraines.

That sounds really positive thank you

Pleasure, I believe user Scottl has had success with Noritriptyline, he may be able to chime in.

Ive been on Nortriptyline for about 5 months now. I go up in 5mgs each time and have made it to 50mg. I still get dry mouth a lot and I’m very tiered now once reaching 50mg. Nort has worked really well for me. May, June and July were brilliant months for me but it’s not controlling the symptoms so well now with all the weather changes lately. I’ve had MAV 3 years so it’s going to take a while to get it under control properly but nort gives me more good days then bad. Just take it slow with nort. Dr s has now added in Gabapentine. I also take 40mg propanolol.

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I’ve been on amitriptyline for about 2 1/2 weeks. My side effects are almost identical to turnitaround. I did have one night of strange dreams when I went to 50 mg. I started at 12.5 and am already up to 62.5. My neuro wants me up to 75. I’m titrating up tonight. Most of my symptoms are gone. Still have slight sound sensitivity and the rocking feeling. The rocking feeling is getting better everyday though. This is a night and day difference compared to how I felt 9 weeks ago when my symptoms started to be 24/7.

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That’s how I’d describe it. My life was over without the medication. Good luck with the increase.