Anemic very low iron

i was wondering if anyone else has had very low iron count a long with having mav?
it seems that very low iron can have many of the symptoms as mav . i am a female almost 50 and i can’t believe how the inside of my body is falling apart .
i think i know the source of my anemic and will be doing tests soon.

I haven’t had a need to get my blood iron levels tested becuase the city I live in has VERY hard water with a high iron content. So high that it can turn your white clothes orange if you aren’t careful. I know that this doesn’t answer your question, but I thought it might help for qood laugh. :lol:

I become borderline anemic during menses. I only know this because I’ve tried to donate blood around that time, and they’ve rejected me because my hemoglobin levels were too low. I also have worse MAV symptoms during my period. I don’t know if the two are related.

Hello, I don’t feel Good.

What I do know is. I did have some luck with B12 injections myself and I know they help with anemia as well.
One of the ladies from another forum had anemia and her Neurologist found it in a blood test and literally gave her the shot in his office.
And Bang! with in weeks she was not rocking.
and yes she had symptoms of MDds.
here is something about it … l/b12.html

i am hoping that once i stop my iron from going down the toilet and build up my iron count some of this mav stuff will go away.
i can only hope.

Hey “idon’t feelgood”! Me neither!! How 'bout an update? How are you lately? Have you increased/fixed your anemia/iron problem yet? Better question: has it helped alleviate your MAV?

thanks for asking for an update so of now not sure about my iron count. i have been popping great iron pills that i got from Whole Foods. mega food blood builder. it;s not causing me any problems that i heard about iron pills. in a few weeks i will go for blood work, but i am having low grade headaches but nothing horrible not much wooziness . still doing the diet and taking supplements
i just went to the gyn today and had a hysteroscopy done.
he gave me options i am hoping that someone can give me some advice

  1. i call a power wash endometrial ablation or IUD. i am going to be 50 very soon.
    many people say they know many women who have migraines and are much better with the hormones but i know in the book he says to stay away from it.
    i just want to do get rid of mav and get the iron back to normal. that’s not such a bad birthday wish

Have you felt any different on the iron pills? More energy, I mean.

RE the female stuff … I’m peri-menopausal & am hoping to get through it without drugs or procedures. We’ll have to see how that goes. I can’t give you any advice in that area … sorry.

i guess something is working. i am having good days but i don;t know if it’s the iron pill, diet, B12, or the magnesium citrate.
i can even walk around the house with out my glasses and not get the woozy feeling.
today i didn’t stop. having a birthday party for my newly 15yr. i hope tomorrow i am not sleeping beauty.
this is today tomorrow who knows