Another Dental appt

Well I have to go and have two more teeth pulled on Wednesday so I know that I will be off baseline for at least a week. This is so hard to get this taken care of with this condition. The dentist wants me to have them all done at once but there is no way I can handle that right now. Once we complete this process I will get a plate for the top and bottom. It seems like when it rains it pours…

I just wish I would have done this before all this MAV hit, but I kept putting it off hindsight is 20/20.

Hi Timeless,
Sorry you have this upcoming situation. A necessary evil. I just had to go to the dentist for some minor work and I was so worried it would push me over the edge… but, I live over the edge anyway (lol) :slight_smile: I really hope you don’t have your MAV symptoms increase after Wednesday.
Good luck!

Best of luck to you. I know first hand how scary the dentist can be. My MAV symptoms reared its ugly head for the very first time in the days following my wisdom tooth extraction and it has been hanging around since. Nothing scare me more than knowing I will eventually have to get my other three taken out!
Good luck and keep us posted!

Hi Timeless, I’m with you on this one. A couple of weeks ago I chipped one of my my front teeth on a cherry stone. I’m very self conscious about it and really need to get it fixed but I couldn’t even lie back in the chair at the moment. And I always have to wear my sunglasses when I’m having work done because of the bright light that shines right in your face. Hope all goes well on Wednesday and afterwards.


Timeless - I’m sorry to hear this. I wish you a lot of luck at your appt.

Good luck Timeless. I have been putting off a possible tooth extraction since January…I havent had any cavities or other denatl issues in over 20 years and then I have a double root canal that doesnt really work while suffering with this horrible condition! Let us know how you do, maybe it will give me the courage to take care of my issue too. Ben

Thanks everyone as this time tomorrow it will be a done deal.

My teeth have been in bad shape for a very long time and I was in the process of getting this all handled when this illness hit last year. I have to have all of them pulled at some point and time and these two are the latest in the ones that have reached a point that I have no choice.

When I have or had one pulled it was not so bad as the issue of increased symptoms last a day or two but the last time when I had three pulled it was two weeks before I was back to a baseline. These are two back teeth so we will see how this works out…

Benh if you only have one to do it will or should not be that bad. I always take a higher dose of Valium before the procedure.

I feel like I am trying to get a headache which does not happen very often hope it does not go into full blown …this will make tomorrow worse.

How did your dental appt go? I was thinking happy thoughts for you!!!
Hope you’re doing well,