Another dizzy athlete: ?epidemic

Vertigo hits Drew

Drew was out of the lineup last night with a bout of vertigo. He said he first felt something Thursday night and he was put on medication yesterday morning. This is the second time he’s had it. Fellow outfielder Coco Crisp had it earlier this season, too.

“I’ve had it a couple of times before,” said Drew. “It’s just one of them things that you hope doesn’t stick around for a while. Fortunately, it hasn’t stuck around in the past.”

Probably the most famous Red Sox player to suffer from vertigo was Nick Esasky, who played first base for Boston in 1989.

Okay, here’s my theory: they are passing viral neuritis to each other? They are more prone to BPPV? They are more prone to migraines with all the travel? Who knows, but you can’t pick up the sports page without reading about another dizzy sports player.

Totally agree with JD Drew:**It’s just one of them things that you hope doesn’t stick around for a while **
Both he and Coco Crisp have had it before…

Who knows? The athletes may or may not be experiencing vertigo more than the general population. It is amazing how many people experience vertigo or know others who have had it. There are so many causes for it. Through conversation over the past few months I’ve discovered friends, family, and coworkers who have or had vertigo symptoms for various reasons: two with Meniere’s, two with MS, one had an ear infection, one has a benign tumor, and three don’t know the cause for sure (probably BPPV). These athletes may just be getting the attention because of who they are.

is it possible that it’s hitting the news because of the first guy - basketball player so-and-so? (i’m a sport dummy)