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Another set back.

Well Friday I had some pain in my right ear followed by fullness. Within 30 minutes my ear felt as if were fully clogged up with water. I went to an urgent care and they told me i have fluid behind my eardrum and its infected. Now on Monday the pain is gone but the fullness and tinnitus is in full effect. This is my first time getting tinnitus and I feel like I’m going to lose it lol. Does all of this sound familiar to anyone ?

In which case you have Otitis Media? Is that your new diagnosis?

The walls of the middle ear are very fussy and will apparently swell quite easily.

Yes ever since my ear injury I’ve had a fluid sensation in my ear and sometimes I can feel my eustachian tube crack open.

The tinnitus is very annoying but I’ve had it more or less continuously for 3.5 years so have become somewhat used to it! Like you I didn’t get it initially.

What’s your next move?

The Doc said I got it from the sinus infection that I had. I’m going to continue taking the antibiotics and pray it gets better ty!