Another update for the regulars

Hey every one, thought I would update you on how things are going here.

My wife spent most of last week curled up on the bed with severe abdominal pain. At first the docs thought it was a stomach problem and gave her something for that. When things got worse, the next day they started treating her for an ulcer and scheduled her for testing for the next day. We went in for testing last Friday and they found a galls stone and scheduled her for emergency surgery. She is home now and doing a lot better when she is concious from the pain meds. :slight_smile:

Now heres the part to remember, I had surgery on my foot a month ago, and I am still on crutches. She hasn’t been able to cook, so my diet has been blown to heck and back. Things haven’t been moving right for me for the last several days because of this. If any one questions wether or not foods affect us, well it certainly effects me. I have had problems the last couple of days determining where my crutches were and I have placed them where it is physically impossible to ballance for even someone with a good ballance system and tried to move.

As a result, I have finally taken my first couple of injuries from my thousands of falls. :frowning:

BTW, we were a riot at the hospital. I rode a wheelchair all day Friday, and my wife started out in one. The nurses didn’t know what to do with us. I could have wheeled myself around just fine, but hospital policies don’t allow that. The result was that every where we went, we had to explain which one of us was the patient. :lol:

In the meantime, neither of us can carry anything. I have our oldest son doing everything including the cooking, (except for taking it out of the oven.) The result is I will still be eating quick to cook foods and drivethrough fast foods for a few more days. I just hope that my suffering balance can hang on there.

Brian! You have suffered one piece of bad luck after another. They say that they come in threes, so this is it for you, right?!

I want to ask a lot of questions, like how long will your wife’s recovery take, etc., but it doesn’t matter, right now, you sound like a real mess, and it doesn’t sound like you have much help, aside from your very energetic little boy :slight_smile:

Joy told me that I should start a new business - mail order migraine foods. Well, maybe it’s time. what do you think Joy? I’ll plan the menus and do the cooking. Joy will handle the business end (i already run one business). I just need somebody to help with the packaging, anybody got a spare kid?

Or at least maybe I could send you some food until you’re recovered Brian :slight_smile: I would too! If I knew how to pack it up on dry ice or something.

What about home health care?

thanks for keeping us posted. If you lived closer, I would help you out. I actually did some driving today.


Hi Brian
I haven’t been contributing much lately but saw your post and felt so sorry for your poor wife, I hope that she’s well on the way to full recovery. My husband had a gallstone problem many years ago and said it was unbelievable the pain. At times like these you must realise the real team spirit both you and your wife have (and you son too), helping each other out where you can the most. Obviously your wife takes such good care of you cooking meals that help your condition. And it sounds like you’re right there by her side when she needs you too. Here’s to love! We all need to have someone who cares. :stuck_out_tongue:
(PS: you must have both looked really funny!)

And Jules, if you didn’t live all the way on the other side of the world, I’d order your meals! :mrgreen:


You might have a good idea going with trying to develop and market foods for people with migraines.

I don’t know how long the recover should take. I imagine a week or two, or at least I hope that it is only a week or two. :smiley: On the bright side, I get this acursed cast off Thursday. Although I will still not be full weight bearing, I should still have one hand open to start carrying some things around house.


It sounds like you know from experience what a relief it is to see you spouse finally not curled up in a ball in pain. We have actually been a team in supporting each other since my symptoms started up. She is blind, so there are many things that I have had to for her. Things that most men wouldn’t do for their wive’s such as bra shopping and feminine hygeine shopping, to name a couple.


Brian, you guys sound like, The Three Musketeers “one for all and all for one” :lol:
this is how true familys that adore each other work.
that’s awesome!
and your son Brian, what agreat Kid!
most parents cant get there kids to do their home work.
he’s helping prepare meals,what tha?
I bet your proud.
((((hugs)))) jen