Another Way to Add Variety to our Diets

I just bought a Juice Extractor.

They ain’t what they used to be. Easy to use. Easy to clean. I got mine on sale from the manufacturer - Breville Model J#95XL - i forgot what I paid, something around $150, but i bought it straight off their website.

I got it yesterday and have used it three times. I’ve never tasted anything so delicious.

First thing I did was juice apples and carrots (old standby)
This morning, pear apples (that’s one single fruit) and carrots
for lunch today: fennel bulb, beet and an apple pear - great! (this said that it’s supposed to be good for migraines (?)

i’m getting a book of recipes. Many of them have recipes that supposedly good for migraines and they all contain ginger (?)

Anyway, just another idea for making eating fun and enjoyable.


Julie, you’re such a healthy eater, you make me feel ashamed!! Isn’t it funny how we can be healthy eaters but still have such a persistant illness! These juices sound great, a good way towards your five a day I’m sure!


Thanks Becky,

My weight is bad, it was before this crazy illness and then i lost even more weight with this crazy diet, but thank God i love to cook, so finding ways to eat and put weight back on is fun, although i’m not exactly gaining, i’m having a hard time holding steady.

i’m just glad i found the energy to do it. Before treatment, i could barely feed myself. Ugh!!!


I found a small juicer on craigslist for $12 & have had a lot of fun with it. Dtr’s fav is apples & carrots. We first became interested in juicers while we were in Moab, UT, on vacation last year. There was a little restaurant called Peace Tree on the main street in town & they had lots of wild juice combinations. Every morning for four days in a row we’d walk to the Peace Tree & have a different mix. Em’s favorite had mangoes & carrots & a bunch of other stuff. I tried something with wheat grass in it … they literally had a small square pot of wheat grass growing in the place & whenever they needed some for juice, they’d snip it off & put it in the juicer. To me it tasted like … well … grass. I didn’t repeat the wheat grass one after that :slight_smile: