Answer to Jeanette re "head rushes"


You mentioned a “head rush” feeling when stressed; however, the kind of “head rush” I feel is only related to changing position from seated to standing. It can be almost disabling. :frowning:

I am not sure what sort of thing you are describing, however.


Hi Raven,

The head rushes I’m thinking about when stressed happened to occur when I was walking and moving my head which causes short spinning sensations in my head anyway. I have had the head rush happen when I wasn’t stressed either and I was just sitting at the computer and not very dizzy. The tingling feeling has a pulsing feeling to it as well so the blood vessels must be constricting. The tingling spreads out slowly like if you were blowing watercolor paint with a straw and it was going in several directions at once. It doesn’t feel quite the same as when it comes from the fluid moving in the inner ear dizzy feeling. I don’t think the inner ear causes the tingling and pulsing feeling I think that’s more a migraine symptom. It just seems to intensify when I feel stressed when my kids start to argue with me which isn’t very often, especially now that my daughter went back to college. I usually end up backing down and just telling them I’m not going to argue because it makes me dizzier and it intensifies the spinning, tingling and pulsing which it really does. It’s like a silent migraine without the head pain. They generally back off and stop arguing.

I’ve never been one to avoid a problem or opportunity to let my children express their opinions in a constructive way, but lately my head just can’t seem to handle any stress it without feeling dizzier.

I hope this explains it a little better.