Anti-Anxiety Drugs- What to Expect?

Hi. I’m thinking of asking my doctor about the possibility of taking an anti-anxiety drug and was wondering what possible medications I should expect my doctor to choose from?

I’ve never been on any anxiety drugs in my life and I haven’t really had any problems with anxiety until the MAV started. I went just 26 months experiencing life with my MAV symptoms before I got on Verapamil ER and found quite a bit of relief. But its been about 7 months since I’ve been on Verapamil and my anxiety associated with driving and visiting stores and buildings seem to be at the same level despite the fact that my MAV symptoms only show up in occassional “spells” that last just a few seconds.

The anxiety has gotten to the point that whenver I have to leave my home and go somewhere, I get so anxious and fearful that I try to put off doing whatever I have to. Plus, I’m beginning a job search soon and am really nervous about having to commit to an 8 hour workday schedule where I have to drive 5 days a week and encounter a host of potential triggers in the workplace.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to control this anxiety. I thought I would be able to once I experienced life with a good MAV medication. But my anxiety hasn’t decreased despite the decrease in MAV symptoms. And in fact, the anxiety is getting in the way of my monitering how well the Verapamil is working.

Has anyone been in this unfortunate situation?

Thanks, in advance, for your reply.


There is a relation between the chemistry that causes migraine and anxiety…both have hypersensitised neuronal activity. It makes sense that since you aren’t necessarily addressing the anxiety, another med might be in order.
Have you taken Valium, or any benzodiazapine? I would suggest either Buspar or perhaps propranolol, as they have pretty benign side effects. Any of the SSRI’s are usually first choice in addressing anxiety…specifically Celexa which is also prescribed for migraine by some prestigious migraine docs.
Good luck!


Thanks Kelley for the reply! My doctor just put me on Celexa (10mg) for now. Today I took the first dose and feel a bit dizzy (dizziness is not a migraine symptom for me).

I’ve never been on valium nor have I taken anything really for the anxiety. I only took Xanax once for a head MRI. My doctor never mentioned Buspar.


P.S. Love the corgi pic!

Thanks…corgi’s are my faves…I have two and I would have 10 if I could!!

10mg is a good starting dose, but its fairly robust for most migraineurs…if you experience anything too uncomfortable, you can always start at 5mg and go from there…but some people just jump in at “normal” people’s doses…lol
Best to you!