Antibiotic hassles

Hi All,

I was recently put on Flagyl to rid myself of a parasite lurking in my gut. It’s been there a while and been a real pain causing me to feel lousy in the early mornings. For some reason an upset gut kicks off anxiety for me very easily which, in turn, ratchets up the vestibular stuff. So anyhow, I’ve been on Flagyl now for about 2 days and the dizziness is really kicking in with it. Not sure how I’m going to hack this but I have to take the stuff for 7 days all up!!!

Do any of you guys have trouble with antibiotics? Of course none of this was a problem pre vestibular days. Very annoying as it’s making me feel freaky and I really hate this feeling … but I have to get rid of this bug.

Best … Scott 8)

When my dizziness started in 05/06 and we couldn’t find an obvious cause we eventually came to the conclusion that I was suffering from cronic sinusitis and sinus dizziness (this was just the first of several mis-diagnosises). Anyway they hit me with serious antibiotics for almost 6 months. Keep in mind that we erroneously believed the dizziness was comming from a low grade sinus infection (now appears that it was chronic allergies instead), so whenever I’d get dizzy we’d try another round of antibiotics. Ultimately the antibiotics therapy put me in the hospital with hemoragic colitis. I told the GI doc I’d been on a LOT of antibiotics but he ran a few tests and pronounced that I had Cohn’s disease. So began the 2nd major misdiagnosis in this whole mess.

But I digress. My point is - be really careful with antibiotics. I (and my doctors apparently) did not respect these drugs enough and I got REALLY sick. The scariest thing was that just comming off the antibiotics did not resolve the problem. Once the hemoragic (bloody) colitis began it wouldn’t stop on its own. Even after hospitalization and IV steriods to bring it under control I continued to have low grade symtoms for at least a year. In fact, the Crohn’s diagnosis was only put to rest (finally) after a trip to Mayo earlier this year.

I don’t want to scare you unnecessarily. I’m sure you’ll be okay with short term use of antibiotics, but if the treatment should stretch on for more that a few week be very careful. Also, you might want to consider taking a good probiotic while you’re on Flagyl. It could keep your “intestinal flora” from getting too out of wack.


When parasites die off there is a reaction called Herxheimer Reaction. I had it myself and was sick as a dog. Woke up seeing double, dizzy, foggy, exhausted. Worse than the illness I took the Diflucan for to begin with.

Here’s an explanation of it:

The Herxheimer Reaction is an immune system reaction to the toxins (endotoxins) that are released when large amounts of pathogens are being killed off, and the body does not eliminate the toxins quickly enough. Simply stated, it is a reaction that occurs when the body is detoxifying and the released toxins either exacerbate the symptoms being treated or create their own symptoms. The important thing to note is that worsening symptoms do not indicate failure of the treatment in question; in fact, usually just the opposite.

The thing is, will the Flagyl actually kill the eggs or has this parasite been lingering in your body for years?

Hang in there, Scott, one more thing to deal with, Huh?


I’d never take that drug again.
It’s a good way to end up with peripheral neuropathy or seizures.
I didn’t have a seizure but I got really pissed off that a drug could mess up my nervous system so quickly.
I still remember getting a flyer with it stating it caused cancer in rats or some other animal.

I stopped it at 3 days.

Google the brand name and the generic name for neuropathy, nerve damage, etc.

Scott My daughter has mild hallucinations on antibiotics everytime,
we still have to keep an eye on her even though she’s 23. she cant drive if she’s on them.
she speeds up on them and so do I.
infact I cant think of a med I dont speed up on. except for pain meds and valium.
sorry your feeling like crap.

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but I have to get rid of this bug.

Best … Scott 8)

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I agree, you have to get rid of that bug. parasites do harm to their host, some more than others.

I hate antibiotics - partly because I’m allergic to them. And other antimicrobials I’ve taken (Diflucan) the die-off is horrid. But this was all pre-dizzy, so i don’t know how it would have effected my MAV. I’ve heard others on this forum talk about worsening of MAV during illnesses, I wonder if they were taking antibiotics.


So sorry to hear you’re battling it all again Scott,
Can’t add my comment to the antibiotic case, but in a similar vein in the past few years I have always had my annual flu injection. But since my MAV has been born I trotted off to the docs to get my flu injection and within 4 hours of the injection, I spiralled out of control with dizziness and nausea to the point that I was just about bedridden again. I thought, ok I can handle this and I’m sure it will abate soon… 6 weeks later things settled down! That was last year’s experience so as much as I need the flu vac I’m going to skip it this year because I think my brain just needs another year or so before it might be able to cope with it once again. If I had a ‘bug’ that needed treatment by a course of antibiotics I have a feeling I might have a similar reaction, but I would proceed and complete the course if that’s what was going to fix your problem, I suppose not much option. I wouldn’t like it though and truely sympathise with you Scott, you know it’s sometimes one step forward, three steps backwards with this rotten MAV. It just seems that treatment for any other condition compounds what we’re suffering with MAV.
(PS Chaz, can’t believe all your misdiagnosis’, there are so few out there who know much about MAV, all to our detriment!)

I guess I’d have to say, I agree with Julie, getting rid of the parasites right now is probably the most important thing. Sounds to me like Flagyl is a very strong antibiotic yes?

As far as the neuropathy and seizures go, just about any med could cause that (or worse) in some people depending on the med and the person. I know if I had looked up the side effects to every med I had ever taken, I’d probably be dead, due to the fact I wouldn’t take any of them.

Scott, I’m sorry you’re having a bad time with it. I’ve been on way too many antibiotics (I think its safe to say nothing nearly as strong as Flagyl), but if I had a parasite that obviously had to go - I’d do it. I’ve taken a few rounds of antibiotics since my big crash (mostly for bronchitis and strep), and some have stirred up the dizzies big time with me. I can’t honestly say if it was the meds, because I get stressed out just being sick (majorly stressed) and taking anything new causes me major panic. I agree with Chaz though - too many antibiotics (whatever kind) is not a good thing.

Its my opinion that just about everything nowadays causes cancer- I’m thinking most specifically all of the nice additives our government puts in our food - I don’t think I’d worry about a 7-day course of Flagyl.

Julie- you asked about whether it will kill the eggs? That would be my question too. Scott, are you gonna be free of this bug in just 7 days??? That will be awsome if so.

Hang in there Scott, hope you’re feeling better real quick. :smiley:


Chaz - I do wgree with you regarding antibiotics - they are overly prescribed and in overdosage amounts (IMHO). I am biased because I’m allergic and have been on death’s door a number of times due to antibiotics. I seem to be doing just fine without them.

Kim - Probiotics - great idea. in fact, with a parasite lurking, might not be a good idea ongoing, yes? Naturopaths specialize in these kinds of GI issues. of course so do gastroenterologists :slight_smile: And I’m with you on the cancer thing - everything causes cancer, eh?

Jude - i had a flu shot once in my life. Within an hour I felt every single symptom of the flu, one at a time, run through my body. Within 30 minutes it was all over, thank God. It was so weird. It was like 5 minutes of chills, 5 minutes of fever, 5 minutes of head, etc, etc. I haven’t had a flu shot since and I haven’t had the flu either. I guess I’m just not a good host for microbes :slight_smile:

here are the serious reactions of Topamax that I am thrilled to be taking, a good number of them being potentially deadly - I get my blood work, have my eyes checked, bone density, and otherwise hope for the best. Bottom line, you do what you have to do

metabolic acidosis
severe nephrolithiasis
acute maculopathy
glaucoma, secondary angle-closure
diabetes mellitus
pulmonary embolism

Kim - Flagyl (metronidazole) is an old-timer antibiotic that has the advantages of having no allergic reactions. It is also useful in treating other than bacterial infections, but other microbes as well, thus, it’s use in GI parasitic infections.


Guys - On the subject of the flu shot. I had my first (and it was definitely my last) about 6 weeks before I crashed. I had it coming off a bad bout of bronchitis (My daughter brought home every germ known to mankind in kindergarten and we had a very rough winter). My GP said it was ok to take it, even though I was (if you ask me ) - still very sick.

Again, I didn’t notice any immediate effects, but all I can say is my world turned up-side down about six weeks later - I won’t ever get another flu shot.

Sorry, getting off-topic again.

Thanks Julie for the Flagyl info. I guess what I really need to know about now is probiotics. I think I’ll start a new thread tomorrow.

Scott- We’ve kinda taken your post and run wild with it :shock: - Sorry. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. Thanks!

Thanks for the input all. I’m going to hang in there with the Flagyl. I feel pretty crappy today but it’s tolerable. There’s a sort of low-level and continuous anxious, seasick, slightly dizzy feeling going on. The tablet I took after lunch wouldn’t go down and sat in my throat longer than I would have liked. I got the full taste of it – REALLY bitter and metallic tasting. Woah.

As long as it’s doing it’s thing (driving a wedge into parasitic DNA replication) then I’m happy.


yea, i know the vaccination thing is really controversial, i’m personally against it, so i don’t get it. thinking back, the only flu shot i ever got preceded the first minor crash i had. coincidence maybe, i don’t know.

All i know is, i only had it because i was talked into it - not having it for the first 40 some years of my life made no difference, and not taking it since then has made no difference. I also haven’t had an antibiotic since my early 20’s. Haven’t missed them one bit - knock on wood. However, if i ever get a serious infection where an antibiotic is actually indictated (not some viral infection or a sinus infection where what you need to be doing is cleaning out your sinsues to get that bug out), if they can’t find an antibiotic that i’m not allergic to, i’ll could die of sepsis.

i’m not sure if you’ll find this story funny or not. But i’m reminded of it. My ex-husband (doctor) tried to give me an antibiotic for a cellulitis that wouldn’t go away, was just growing. I wouldn’t take one. I told him I hadn’t had an antibiotic since my teens. I had had two experiences where I could have died. He started jumping up and down waving his arms (a little exaggeration) “what do you mean you can’t take antibiotics? You HAVE to be able to take an antibiotic! someday you’ll get an infection and die of sepsis!!!” I said, “well, good, many people wonder what they will die of. at least now i know my future.”

BTW, Good Morning :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,

I’m having a pretty ugly MAV meltdown at the moment. Everything went pear-shaped one day after the last dose of Flagyl. I know it’s behind this … what a pain because the Flagyl did nothing to end my gut hassles either. Nothing at all. I’m kicking myself for wasting my time on that med now. This body of mine just doesn’t like medication. Today I have a dreadful headache, anxiety, agitation and vertigo. Let the good times roll!

Have any of you guys taken St John’s wort in the past? Did it cause any gut upset? It was reported in some clinical trials so am now wondering if it is behind the problem. The thing is, if I dump this herb I don’t know what’s next! An SSRI is the last thing I want to go near again.

Scott :frowning:

I’m pretty sure Jen has had some experience with St. John’s, let me PM her.


I did a Google scholar search and found a ton of hits for St. John’s Wort and GI disturbance. I also saw the word retching in the descriptives.


Hi Scott, your not having a good time of it are you,
Well yes as a matter of fact I took it for a while but did have some tummy pain wind rumbling ect.
Also until I got back on an anti depressant I had IBS but mostly constipation.
They say migraines can cause bowel and tummy upset as well.
I was on prothiaden many years ago, it’s a tricylic anti D and it helped heaps with all that stuff for me.
I personally found it one of the easiest drugs I’ve ever tried.
The only reason I stopped using it is that I started having sinus tachy, and it’s not good for people with that prob.
Oh I also had a small prob with feeling faint if I stood to quickly but that was no biggie.
Helped me sleep well too.
What are you going to try next for your tummy troubles?
Sorry you’re feeling this way Scott.
Thinking of you Jen


I used to take St. John’s Wort. It did make me a bit nauseas, so I took it all right before bed. That is how I take my vitamins too. That way I sleep through the stomach upset. Good luck!


Thanks for the replies all.

It’s good to hear SJW stories causing gut disturbance in others. At least I know it’s not just me. Mine is a mess today again and I did have nausea as well which is really unusual for me. There’s this low-level cramped feeling down there all the time. Never had this before like this. At any rate, I’m cutting the dose and might think about trying Prothiaden. I know Halmagyi loves the stuff so must be good.

Jen – was Prothiaden a libido killer?

Scott 8)

Scott it was hard to reach climax, but apart form that no!
I cant speak from a guys perspective though.
but some women find prothiaden gave them better libido.
I did make me feel tierd and zonked out for a couple of weeks but didnt take long to settle.
take it just before bed, and you should crash right out.
it really helped to deal with anxiety for me.
good luck.

Hi Jen,

What was the starting dose for MAV? This gut thing has been making me wake with really bad anxiety in the morning which dissipates as soon as I get up. Because it’s been going on for a while now I’m starting to feel quite bad. Today I feel really shell-shocked and somewhat depressed. It’s a sickly sort of feeling no doubt because of the anxiety this gut thing hits me with at night. I have no appetite either at the moment and feel without energy for not eating much today. i don’t want to eat really because it just upsets my gut!! I can’t win. Maybe that’s why I feel like such a basket case at the moment.

I’m seeing the doc in the morning. I have to get out of this hole.

Thanks … Scott 8)