Antibiotics and other meds to avoid for mav

Hi Guys, knowing that our vestibular system is already compromised, I thought we should try to avoid other meds that could cause even more problems in this area. Veda is a site I used to frequent years ago searching for answers; its a good site, doesn’t have a lot about mav. This page is on the meds to avoid that could be toxic to our vestibular system.
jen, cheers … xicity.php

I found a page from Hain regarding this as well: … oxins.html
I find it really odd that drugs like NSAIDs and calcium channel blockers are on there, though! If CCBs are vestibulotoxic, why are they used for MAV? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

Tran , this article is really good , just what I was looking for.
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thanks so much
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