Antivirals- anyone tried them?

I know many here have compound issues, not just MAV. Anyone tried acyclovir or Valtrex or Famvir for vertigo? I take antivirals when I get a cold sore. Last month I was taking them for 2 weeks because of a cold sore that spread to both lips. (Ug.) After the first week my vertigo was so much better that I actually booked a trip with my whole family for spring break. I thought I could get on an airplane!

After I stopped the antivirals I went back to dizzy. I thought it was too much computer, wrong meds, etc. So I started the Amitriptyline 10mg which seems to be helping somewhat. 3 days ago, another cold sore and more antivirals. And wow. I feel great. I ate all kinds of crazy things last night and I feel fine! I almost feel normal this morning.

Yes, it could be day 10 of Amitriptyline. But I am also very suspicious of the antivirals playing a part.

Anyone try them? I have heard LOTS of success stories elsewhere for Meneieres and vestibular neuritis and hydrops of various sorts.


Good question. Some ENTs prescribe in the States, UK doctors not so keen.

I swear I have had worse cold sores since MAV started but it might be because of disrupted sleep. Before starting Amitriptyline I had very poor sleep. Cold sores definitely improved once on the drug as I slept more (some nights I’d have 3 hours sleep only). The extra sleep also helped eliminate Migraines above and beyond action of the drug.

Also colds will definitely worsen your dizziness in any case.

Would also be interested in responses to this.

That is interesting. On a other site (don’t know which one anymore) I saw a thread were somebody asked a simular question. The most responses I saw were people mentioning the same. Feeling way better on anti virals but as soon as they quite the dizziness came back. Even people who were on it for months with great relieve but it all came back after stopping.

I also found this interesting and did some quick research. Apparently anti-virals don’t kill the virus, but suppress and prevent it from multiplying.
Being me - I will be doing a bit more digging on natural alternatives :grin:
Will be interested in any other input!

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That’s my understanding too. Once a virus has invaded a cell there is no going back but the antivirals limit the proliferation when and if they are reactivated.

I think the mechanism of Hydrops (long term increased pressure in inner ear), for example, is still not well understood. I’m happy to be corrected but I don’t think a virus is the cause. Otherwise why wouldn’t the symptoms go away after a bout. Instead the symptoms are continuous in the case of MAV like symptoms.

No harm(?) in trying it as a therapy though and if it works, fabulous!!

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