Anxiety and GI symptoms


I have had anxiety and dizziness/MAV for many years. I was on Celexa for a long time and it worked great for me! My doctor and I decided that I could try going without it so I stopped taking it completely back in February. So it has been about 6 months and I have had some dizziness come back but nothing like it was before.

But the last month or so I have been nauseous, had some stomach pain, had no appetite, and some bloating. I did go to the doctor and he thought it was my gallbladder but the ultrasound was negative. Does anyone have these symptoms along with dizziness and MAV? My doctor wants to do another test to check my gallbladder but I’m not sure about it if it is caused by anxiety. I’m wondering if I might need to go back on the Celexa. Or if it could be anything else.


I’ve had MAV for 5.5 years now. It got really bad this past year, but I wasn’t generally nauseated with it. in February I was trying to taper off of an anti-anxiety medication and had sharp upper stomach pain around the top of my rib cage. my PCP sent me to a GI doc who said I had every symptom of an ulcer. I had loss of appetite, hardly ate from February to April when they send me for an endoscopy. (upper GI ultrasound was normal). They found nothing but a bit of gastritis, said it was probably all anxiety. My symptoms slowly got better after the worry from the endoscopy and results. It took a long time for my diet and appetite to get back to normal, and it still is not, but it’s A LOT better than it was. I also stopped tapering the anxiety med and went back to my original dose. Hope this helps, hang in there!