Anxious about taking meds! (Prescribed with Effexor today)

I was diagnosed with VM or PPPD about 6 weeks ago. I started reducing triggers and doing the migraine diet but today I went to the doctor to ask to go on medication sooner than planned. I feel like it’s something I should try at this point but I have so much anxiety about taking medication! He prescribed me with Effexor. Does anyone have any advice about how to feel less anxious about taking meds/ does anyone have any experiences with Effexor? I tried Amitriptyline about 8 months ago before I had any real diagnosis but decided to go off of it because I was anxious about increasing the dose (and due to the lack of diagnosis) felt like it was just a shot in the dark.

It’s better to be on a tricyclic than an SSRI arguably if the former is good at controlling your symptoms as the latter are harder to titrate off of.

I would discuss retrying Ami with your care provider. Perhaps your experience of it will inform your decision.

I didn’t feel any difference in my symptoms when taking Ami, which is also a big reason why I chose to stop taking it. A big reason my doctor prescribed Effexor is that it’s unclear if I have VM or PPPD (both are pretty interchangeable though in my opinion), but Effexor can kind of kill two birds with one stone (if it’s the right medication). My main problem is this anxiety I get from having to take these meds.

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I think that’s easier to overcome if you are confident your quality of life may improve. Talking to your doctor may allay those fears.

If you weren’t anxious I’d suggest for Effexor experience, you Use the Search facility then read Nin’s PD and Dizzy03’s PD but remember your experience will be different again. As you are med anxious I’d suggest you don’t try researching. Just try taking a tiny dose. Just don’t anticipate/expect the worst. Keep telling yourself this drug is going to help you. Start at tiny dose and go low and slow. When it comes down in the end you just Try it and see. Dr Hain gives full details of going low and slow on Venlafaxine (Effexor). And remember a lot of people have had success with Effexor for both MAV and anxiety.

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I, too, am anxious about taking meds. I avoided them for years which only prolonged my health challenges (I’ve had quite a few). I finally realized that my reluctance often stems from pride/shame – “I can cope without drugs. I can handle this on my own. Taking drugs is embarrassing.” etc. etc. Once I recognized how my ego was playing into my anxiety, it got easier. There is no shame in using medications that allow you to live a normal, healthy life and you don’t have to justify it to anyone.

Another fear was side effects. Most drugs have side effects but most weren’t as bad as I feared. In some cases I decided the benefits far out weighed the downsides, but other times I decided it wasn’t worth it. I constantly remind myself that I’m taking medications voluntarily and can quit whenever I want. If it works, great! If not, that’s ok. Nothing is forever.

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