Any advice?

I would truly like some thoughts…i am stil struggling to belive its migraine,its a long one but heres the full story.From about the age of 5 i would havr random vertigo attacks,off n on through my early teens i remember havibg week or so at a time where i could barely move as i felt so dizzy,then wen i was 14 i woke up 1 morn with vertgio going full belt,it lasted for 9/12 weeks and i could barely move.It took years for my brain to compensate & even now there r thibgs ive never been able to do without making me dizzy( i dont remember if i had ear symptoms but i think i had tinnitus during atatcks).21 i started getting migraine,30 migraine with aura started,ive always had tinnitus anyway but noticed it was worse arounf migraines.My ears have bugged me for years off n on eustachian tube dysfunction so im very aware of them.36 had a 20 min episode of fullness with low roar tinnitus right ear,then another 6 hour one in jan with sound distortion,dizziness,pressure in head,pulsing,then it happend again march and i havent been right since,when it happens i can pop my ears,my eustachian tube is fine but nothing relieves the pressure in my right ear when it happens.So since march ive been pants,i will say classic mav…but my right ear is such a prominant feature in all this.My consultant is certain its mav and that the vertigo of my youth was a manifestion of it(i didnt hve any tests apart from hearing tests as a child).struggling to beleiev this is all migraine,its the ear symptoms is trugfle with as most peopel on here seem to have eustachian tube problems with constant popping or not able to pop them…my episodes arent like that,i can pop them fine??