Any good doctors in Europe?

I would REALLY appreciate if some of you could recommend good doctors/ oto neurologists in Europe.
Seems to me that the best doctors are in the US, but I really can´t handle such a long trip right now- and flying scares me even more now in this condition.

I would like to get all possible vestibular tests done.

Do you have and good recommendations?

Please help :slight_smile:

I think NHNN Queen’s Square London is the best place to go in Europe for full vestibular testing, however it is very expensive to pay privately.

The best two are Dr Nicholas Silver and Dr Surenthiran. Both doctors are based in England.

The vast majority of people on this site who live in Europe are under their care

If you want want vestibular testing then go and see Dr Surenthiran. … p_id=45132 … as-silver/

Which tests does dr surenthiran carry out? Does he do rotary chair, abr response, vemps etc? The reason I suggested NHNN was because I thought they had more facilities for testing. However I think dr. surenthiran is best to see for treatment, and can probably diagnose you based mainly on your history without need for the full range of tests anyway.

As mentioned above, the National Hospital for Neurology in Queens Square, London does a full suite of vestibular testing. I got it done privately and the full suite of tests came to about £2500.

I would recommend going elsewhere for treatment however, if you are looking to tackle this illness sooner, rather than later. PM me for more details.

I am patient of Dr Surenthiran and couldn’t be more happier with the service he is providing. PM me for more details if you wish.