Any neuro-otologists in NJ?

Does anyone know of any neuro-otols in NJ? I believe they are the specialists who can dx MAV, correct? Thanks!

I don’t know how far you are from DE, but there is a wonderful doctor in Wilmington named Michael Teixido. I travel from CT to see him.

Thanks, I was getting depressed, haven’t received any replies to my last 3 threads! :frowning:

I went and saw Dr Lehrer up in Teaneck, Nj. I think he’s the only neuro-oto in NJ. His reviews were great however I did not have a good experience. He completely dismissed MAV and diagnosed me with peri lymph fistula. (even though I have no vertigo and never had head trauma or hearing loss) and he was trying to push for “exploratory surgery”. What I found strange was when I was waiting in the exam room I heard him dx another person across the hall from me with the same. And someone on this board contacted me saying Lehrer dx’d him with the same. For such a rare disease it’s an awful coincidence. I finally stopped seeing him and went to my GP. he gave me Celexa and ALL of my Mav symptoms ceased!!

Lehrer has very good bedside manner and has been practicing for over 50 years!! (he’s in his 80s). But I did not like his attitude towards MAV calling its diagnosis “the flavor of the week”

Honestly being in NJ, I would just make the trip down to Johns Hopkins to get a quality neuro oto. Good luck!!

Thanks Suki! wow, that’s a real downer - I get so frustrated with ENTs, neuro’s, etc. So far, I’ve yet to meet a doctor who will acknowledge the existence of MAV. I agree with your decision - I would be very hesitant with a doctor who gave out so many dx of PF. I’m sure he would assess me with that since I did have head trauma (punctured ear drum) and have vertigo. I will check out John Hopkins - Is there one in NJ?