Any one know what these symptoms may mean?

For the last month or so I have been having night sweats but only on the chest area. I woke up last night with very bad nausea associated with this and could not sleep.

I do not know if hot flashes are only on the chest area…this is strange to me. Plus I have this constant vibration going on in that same area almost like a buzzing or wheezing sensation.

This really scared me last night and today I am a wreck…have not been like this in months. I am not sure this has anything to do with the MAV or does it.

I am just searching…it this hormones or is this Mav or is this something else all together.

My doctor took additional blood work yesterday,

I have no appetite , I can not seem to gain any weight…I am just scared today!

Please try not to be scared. I have developed odd symptoms from time to time and worried myself silly over them just to see them pass or to find out it is nothing related to the vertigo. I have wasted so much time worrying and I hope you do not do this, too. I do believe that all the uncertainty that goes along with this illness - (i.e.will I be o.k. today, can I make plans for tomorrow or next week or next month, will this new med help… etc.) causes so much anxiety that any new symptom that appears, as benign as it probably is, can cause panic and more anxiety. Hopefully it is just hormones… hot flashes - my Mom used to say she sweated mostly aroung the chest so much that she had to get up at night and change her nightshirt. Perhaps you have no appetite because you just don’t feel so well with the vertigo. Good to have it checked- try to stay positive.

The doctor has ordered a CT scan of the chest and abdomen and I think that is about the only test I have not had done in the last year. I guess I will feel better if those turn out okay. Blood work should be back tomorrow so we will see where that leads.

If they will find out that all of this is hormonal I can deal with that and move on. Just the not knowing is what drives you crazy and I have not been like that until yesterday when it more or less ramped up my anxiety level.

My MAV , knock on wood somewhere has been doing better as of late but any new symptoms just raise concerns , which I think is normal. Probably before all of this started most of the symptoms I would have never though twice about…