Any otc anti-nausea meds in UK?

I’ve been having a really horrible flare up lately and feeling nauseous. I’ve tried taking prochlorperazine (which has worked in the past) but it hasn’t helped. I have an appointment with my neuro in 5 weeks time and if i feel as bad as I do currently there’s no way I could physically make it there. Just going to the bathroom and back makes me feel awful. I desperately need to attend my appointment and it would really help if there was something i could take for the nausea. If you live in the UK, have you found anything that helps?

(sorry if this has been asked before, i did a sesrch but couldn’t find anything specific for the UK)

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@MissMigraine I had this bad!
I still get nauseous and what helps me is a Ginger Candy called Chimes Ginger Chews!
I order these and have tons of them in a candy dish! You can order them on Amazon.

Thanks. How well do they work for you? Can they actually stop you from vomiting?

I have good experience with ginger as well. I use fresh ginger in my meals, make ginger tea and eat ginger candies. That is a lot of ginger, but if I feel very nauseous, it seems to help.

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Buccastem - the tiny tablet you place between your gum and cheek works well for nausea. I got some from Boots but they would only let me have it if it was for migraine as that’s what it’s licensed for. I don’t get migraine headaches but it works for motion sickness. I use it if I feel sick.

For prevention I use Avomine travel sickness tablets.
I’ve been prescribed Prochlorperazine but haven’t used it as it’s contraindicated with my thyroid problem.

I’ve altered tried buccastem. It doesn’t work for me. You do know that buccastem is made of prochlorperazine right? Prescription prochlorperazine is usually a slightly higher strength than buccastem but it’s the same basic drug.

Yes, I did know it was basically the same, but at least you can get it over the counter. I’m sorry it doesn’t work for you (doesn’t always work for me if I’m already feeling really sick). I hope you find something, and I hope you will post here if you do, because I’ll be very interested.

Interesting that you said it doesn’t work if you already feel really sick. I leave it until i feel ready bad because you can’t take them on a regular basis due to side effects. I can’t just take one at the beginning of mild nausea or i’d need one every day.

The only solution for me back in the day was prophylactic Amitriptyline (which was the bomb for nausea!) but that may not be an option and certainly not OTC.

I feel for you, nothing worse that chronic nausea, it’s the pits :frowning:

(FYI I’m not sure what meds you are on currently, you can update them on your profile if you wish.)

Thanks. Back when i was on Ami it just made my VM intolerably worse. Won’t be taking it again. I’m not on any meds atm. Haven’t been for 18 months now. Hoping to start something at my next neuro appointment next month.

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Does anyone else often retch and even vomit when eating meals? I feel as if I am moving rapidly up and down and often lying in bed is the only thing that helps.
I’d really appreciate any advice.

I don’t retch or vomit when eating but i do feel worse when upright than when lay down .Still feel really awful lay down but not as bad as upright. There are times when if i’m upright, the longer i stay that way the worse and worse the dizziness gets until i lay down when it slowly eases.