Any starting drug suggestions for my GP?

Hi all

Firstly - sending love and well wishes to all at mvertigo from wet n windy London :smiley:

Basically, I wanted to canvass for some opinions (short notice as need answers before 2moro) … my previous post ‘Waitng To Be Diagnosed’ was rounded off with me saying that my ENG results had come back normal last Friday and that I would not be seeing Mr Axon at Addenbrooke’s until 18th March. In the meantime v bored at home and desperately want to go back to work!

I’ve read (and re-read and made notes) of so many posts on this forum and the types of meds that people are trying and the pros/cons of each.

I am seeing my GP tomorrow (this was meant to be my 2 week followup for the Citralopram prescription which I only took one of before ending up in A&) not sure if it was solely that drug or that on top of the chronic panic attack and other symptoms I was having that day.

So - I wanted to do something productive (ha! :slight_smile: ) whilst waiting to kill the next 3 weeks before I’m back with Mr Axon and suggest something for me to start trying.

That’s where you lovely people come in…

I’m torn between asking for Nori (cant bear the thought of weight gain as I’m quite small) or Klonopin…? I did ask him for Verapamil 2 wks ago but he said my BP was the lower end of normal and he didnt want to add to my dizziness.

My current symptoms are:

Constant rocking/motion feeling when I’m still/sitting/lying
Wishy washy random vision
Head and ear pressure with popping
Episodic mini spins

Just wondered if anyone fancied helping me with a kickstart on what I could be trialling until I’m seen next?

Thanks in advance for any advice/recommendations.

Love Muppo xx

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Nortriptyline certainly hasn’t caused me obvious weight gain. I do exercise regularly.

Hi David

Good to hear from you again. So you’ve taken Nori? Did you find it helped you and gave you some relief? I’m pretty active and dont eat rubbish so I shouldnt think the weight gain would be too hard for me to manage really. I really want to try and get my symptoms under control so I can move back to NZ!!!

Wishing you well.

I’m sure you’ll get plenty of responses from knowledgeable folks on here. I just want to say i hope you get some help!!! i had a horrible reaction to celexa also so i’m afraid of most antidepressants but a lot of folks have had some really good luck on here with meds.


Nortriptyline did wonders for my MAV. I did gain weight but quite honestly, it all boils down to how sick you are I guess. I felt awful every single day and could barely work so I would have gained a hundred pounds if it meant some relief. Not everyone gains weight on this, in fact much more do not gain weight. My old roomate and I were both on the same dose (30 mg). We are both quite small. I gained quite a bit of weight, she didn’t gain an ounce. Plus, on the off chance you do gain weight, you can always quit the drug.

It is a very safe drug that gets great results for migraine so I definitely think it is worth a try! Good luck to you :slight_smile:

I have or have had in the past all your symptoms, by the way. The nori helped all of them.

Topomax is a common prescription for MAV and Migraine, and it is known for weight loss. A lot of people use it and I think it is the most prescribed preventative for migraine available. I didn’t get what you said about your experience with Celexa?

Prothiaden has been wonderful for me. I too have gained a lot of weight on it which is they main reason I’m coming off it (slowly). So far I’m not descending back into MAV hell so I guess that means I’m in remission/have broken the cycle (hurrah!). I would still take the same med again, even knowing about the weight gain. Like Amy I was so sick I wouldn’t have cared how much weight I put on if it meant getting better.


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Hi David

Good to hear from you again.

 Thanks, Muppo. Rather not hear from anybody again, frankly--just as soon we all get back to 100% and stop               frequenting this den of "it just feels so fair, dammit" (inequity).

So you’ve taken Nori?

Yah. From 75 mG per day, and then, when doing well, down to 40 mG (went lower, but had trouble) and then back up to 75 when I was worrying about a loved one's failing health.

Did you find it helped you and gave you some relief?

 Seems so. Though no guarantee, on days when everything was stacked against.

I’m pretty active and dont eat rubbish so I shouldnt think the weight gain would be too hard for me to manage really.

   Good for ya.

I really want to try and get my symptoms under control so I can move back to NZ!!!

   I don't blame you. We went there on our honeymoon,and loved it. Visited a friend who'd lived in the UK, the US, and I think other places, but who settled on NZ for good.

Wishing you well.

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Back from the GP’s and he’s given me a 2 week trial of Nori 10mg - taking first one 2nite! Although I might have it and start at 5mgs or less just so I get on it slowly…

Praying that this gets my rocking and swaying under control then I could go back to work!!

Peace out x

Good luck. I felt a bit better pretty quickly, at least the horrible carsick feeling was gone quickly. The rocking settled down quite a bit in the first few weeks too. By month 5 I was feeling 95%. Let us know how it goes.

Good Luck with the nori Muppo.
Let us know how it go’s.
I tried Amitriptyline Elavil , didnt work so I decided not to go the nori route.
I’m on prothiadon (dothep ) it’s helped some.
all the best


My symptoms began last November and have been relatively constant ever since - I have a doctor who luckily for me took some time to investigatge the issue. I have been on Beta blockers and Amitrtripyline (amirol) for a while and the amitriptyline in particular has really taken the edge off - even in a low dose of 10 mg per night.

I reccommend trying the amirol (what its called here in NZ at least).

Am flying to UK and Europe so will be interesting to see if that causes issues however.

Hey Muppo,

Regarding verapamil… I am teeny too… with very low blood pressure and a resting pulse in the 40’s when laying still. I was able to go up on verapamil as high as 240 mg with zero effect on my blood pressure and pulse. Generally verapamil only affects bp and pulse if they are high to begin with.

Good luck with the nort! I would not be afraid of the verapamil because of low blood pressure. I have looked at the research regarding low blood pressure and verapamil use and what I wrote above does hold up so you can tell your doc to check the medical literature if he has concerns and you need verapamil in the future.