Any thoughts on Zonegran?

I’ve had the Script for Zonegran for quite some time. I actually came across it reading the forums on here and apparently someone had some real success with Zonegran plus Zoloft. I’m on Lexapro and would like to add it, but kind of scared of some of the side effects I’ve read. It’s suppose to be like Topamax, “but better tolerated” – but who really knows. I just wanted to hear some thoughts about it and if anyone knows of someone who has used it and had a success. I’m scared to add it now because I’m crazyyyyy busy with school right now and cannot deal with any added side effects. Plus, I’m seeing a doctor for GI problems I’ve kind of always suffered with and always put off, I’m thinking it might be a med I should wait to take until my stomach problems are looked into and make sure I don’t have anything else serious going on with that.

Thanks guys!

Hope everyone has been doing well and I need to post on here more often. I use to use the heck out of healthboards like, but have just got so gosh darn busy over the years. I’m going to try to start frequenting this board again though.

Hi Lucille -

I can’t help you in re Zonegran (I take Topamax), but I have had GI issues so I wanted to encourage you to follow up on that. Although, it’s intriguing to think that some GI things may be migraine related (see the recent post titled Non Headache Presentations of Migraine by Dr N C Silver, which mentions irritable bowel symptoms as sometimes due to migraine).

The thing about GI problems is that they can really get in the way of living your life fully (and occasionally they find a serious problem going on so that’s reason enough to go), and in my case the doc made a simple lifestyle recommendation that has made a world of difference for me. So I do recommend getting your gut checked.


Take care, and best of luck!

Thanks for the advice! I’ve been needing to get my GI problems looked into, but keep putting it off because the dizziness is what really disturbs my normal life and school work – but as a dietetic student - I should know better to put it off and the vitality and importance of digestive health.

I still have not tried Zonegran – the side effects sounds scarey - similar to Topamax – and cognitive problems is not something I can handle with my last semester at LSU.

I’m thinking of trying Protriptyline (Vivactil), someone from what of my support groups just talked about it. Any heard of it or know someone who has used it?