Any Uk suffers awaiting the dreaded DWP letter?

It seems the government will start sending out the demands for people on sickness benefits to take a robust test designed to find us well enough for work. I suspect I will be in the first wave and I am terrified that I will be found well enough for work! Work , I can barely go out. The terror of this is awful. I’ve been dreading it for months. Dr S and other medics feels that stress is a factor in MAV and should be avoided. This may well explain my recent crash. Any one form the UK in the same boat?

Hi Fiona,

I’m not in the same boat, as I work full time, but I really sympathise. I think the people who are going to come off really badly out of this exercise are those with conditions where the symptoms come and go (like Mav, but also things like MS). I mean, what if you happen to be in a better spell on the day you are tested? That doesn’t mean that all days you are fit to work, and no employer would take on (or keep) someone who is unable to work half the time. I think this is so unfair. The government should be focussing on weeding out people who are cheating the system, not those with genuine illnesses and conditions.

Good luck Fiona, but I hope you don’t hear anything for ages!

Hi Fiona,

I work from home so luckily I’m not in the same boat right now, but I have been, and I totally understand your concerns. A few years ago when I was on longterm sick, my local jobcentre (who were dealing with my benefits at the time) were making a bit of a fuss and telling me I should be in work LOL I could hardly get out the front door!! Anyway I was sent for a medical assessment to see if I was ‘fit for work’. I was so worried - about the outcome and about the actual appointment itself as it was miles away! Anyway I went (with my other half), by the time I got in there I was in a panicky, dizzy, crying state. He asked me a few questions, and it was pretty clear there was no way I could hold a job down. I remember he was really sympathetic and kind, and whatever he said to them in his report was obviously correct because they never bothered me again after that!

Try not to worry. You might not get the letter for ages, and even when you do - just go to the appointment, be honest, and they will see that you can’t work right now.

Sally xx