Anybody on Flunarizine?


I am interested to hear if anyone is taking (or has taken in the past) Flunarizine. I have been taking 10 mg at night for the past 7 weeks and have seen some improvement in my MAV associated symptoms gradually over this time. I am a lot less dizzy now than just a few weeks ago. I am now, however, over the past few days beginning to get achy limbs which i have had in the past with MAV but wonder if this time it may be the medication that is causing it? Any thoughts welcome…

Thanks for listening

Hi Michaela,

I have taken this in the past and unfortunately it made me more dizzy, I did stick it out for quite a while. I had a friend who stuck at it and has her life back. She went through some depression on it for a while (a known side effect) but it passed and she can do almost anything she wants now. If you have kept with it for 7 weeks with no bad side effects, I would try and stick with it.

I get achy limbs (not on any preventative) but they say that I have CFS, am still trying to work out whether I have CFS and MAV or they are one of the same.


Hi Christine, Many thanks for your response, it´s encouraging to know that your friend stuck with it and came out the other side successfully. I am still on it (week 9.) In general there is a little improvement and i will stick with it.