Anyone Else experience this?

Hey there. Just wondering if anyone else experiences Migraine triggered seizures. I’ve had an EEG for epileptic seizures and nothing came up then i was later diagnosed with MTS.

I was also wondering if anyone has low stamina due to MAV. I find that I have only a couple hours
of energy to do anything until I either pass out, get super tired, dizzy or get a migraine.
& on bad days ill have fatigue that is constant either it makes me feel faint all day or just
But usually its more like i have energy but it runs out very quickly.

Anyone else experience this?

Hi there. The fatigue for me was one of the most crippling factors. I had the energy for nothing and the simplest activity would wipe me out. I also had short term memory issues, brain fog etc. My doctor explained that this is because when your brain does something automatically (controls balance) then suddenly it had to switch to manual, everything else that’s non essential goes out the window. Your brain prioritises working out where you are, what you’re doing, what way up you are! It’s exhausting for your brain to do this ‘manually’.

I haven’t had any seizures (thank goodness). That sounds awful.

Fatigue is the worst! & brain fog is awful too, i didnt know that it coulf cause short term memory problems i have a big problem with that as well. But it seems more like it came from damage from having too many seizures.
I feel like its harder because so many people don’t understand migraines can cause fatigue, I once explained my symptoms to someone and they gave me an “Really? I don’t believe you” face.
Do you know if its something regular chronic migraineurs get? Because I’ve seen a lot of non-mav migtaineurs in work or school and it boggles my mind because my body just does not have the energy to do those things despite that I want to.

&that makes sense thank you for sharing that!

& oh man it was, I used to have them everyday now I have them only with high stress levels and if I’m very tired. The worst part is when the stress from a migraine causes a seizure and then my head knocks about and it gets worse.