Anyone else feel worse after social events etc.?

Yesterday (christmas eve) we were celebrating christmas at home (we were 7 people). After 6 hours, I went to bed really tired, and with more noise in the ears and a stronger rocking feeling than usual. Today I’m feeling generally worse than I usually do. This happens almost every time I overdo it and stay too long at a party (normally I only stay for a few hours, and that doesn’t make me worse the next day, but when it’s christmas or other special events, or if people come to visit us, I find it hard to leave the party…). Does anyone else get worse if you stay too long at social events (or at work, school, go shopping for too long etc.)?

Hi Anette,

I feel just like you…if i over extend myself too long at parties or stay out late at night i pay for it that night or the next day. I think it’s too much stimula for us. There could be some anxiety mixed in there as well because of our condition. I have to get atleast 7.5-8 hours and go to bed around the same time everyday or i can have a setback with more Motion and Tension. I feel so fragile…my head always feels like there is Tension, tightness…inside…particularly the right side of my head. Along with those symptoms i have a throbbing and or Pultzing feeling in my head…like a headache. My head does not feel calm or relaxed. I feel this 24/7…i take a smal amount of anti-anxiety medication to relieve some of the Motion. Also have to watch my diet and stress.

Hope your feeling better and enjoying the holiday.