Anyone else get cold like symptoms on Celexa

So the first night I took Celexa, I took it at night. Woke up fine. A little wierd, but fine.
By 8pm that night, I got a sore throat. I took my 2nd pill at that time. First pill was at 7pm night before.
In the middle of the night I have a really bad sore throat. Woke up this morning, and its still there, at 7am.
Now 5:30… and my nose is stuffy, it was runny earlier, and my throat still hurts.

I found this under Celexa side effects…

Less serious side effects.
•cold symptoms such as stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat;

REALLY??? This better be a real cold and just a coincidence. Gosh, just want to catch a break.

Anyone else get this as a side effect.?

I am back on Celexa again (I was on it for 1 month, then went to Lexapro for a couple months, now back to Celexa).

I have indeed noticed more congestion and a kind of fluttering in my ear drum. I noticed this on both Lex and Celexa. I dropped Lex as it was making me jittery and grind my teeth. Celexa relaxes me.

It took me about two weeks before I felt the Celexa start to work, but I started at 5mg. During the first week I had a lot of symptoms but they all went away, now it is just the ear thing (fluttering) and delayed orgasm. I am probably 70% better than I used to be.

But yeah it can cause congestion and cold symptoms. Just ride it out!

Hi Longshort, (Doug, I believe)
I was hoping for a cold. I Know that sounds wierd! But itsnice to know that you had the same feeling at it went away.
It came on so fast. Only after 1 tab.

You know after reading some of the posts, I thought to myself, Gosh I wish I would have tried Lex first. Since its supposed to be so
much better. Now after reading your post about it, Im okay with the Celexa for now. However, it looks like Lexapro make you feel
a little better though to.

Im sorry, I cannot remember, have you tried Effexor?

— Begin quote from "Kristina"

Hi Longshort, (Doug, I believe)

Im sorry, I cannot remember, have you tried Effexor?

— End quote

No, I have not tried Effexor, but I think it is next on my list!

The Celexa is supposedly ‘dirtier’ than the Lexapro but I guess I like the dirtier version. I find it balances out my mood pretty well, I am more patient and happy. Actually my wife is complaining that I am not “me,” which is a kind of weird thing to hear (Invasion of the Body Snatchers, anyone?). It also takes me a long time to, uh, ‘close the deal’ so to speak.

The fluttering in my ear is my main complaint right now; I just want to be sure it is a temporary side effect and not something permanent. I have lost about 4 pounds on Celexa, went from 165 to 161, not a lot but I’ll take it.

The Celexa has me to about 75% or so, but I am getting frustrated because I can see that the right medicine would completely wipe out this problem, but I don’t have any way of knowing if that medicine is Effexor, Cymbalta, Zoloft, etc etc etc. The only way to know is to try each of them, and that is a major hassle. So I am coasting now on Celexa, but if I am not 100% by Feb/March, I will probably try the Effexor.

I hope that Celexa helps you, but you can also consider Lexapro to be a different medicine, at least in my case it affected me differently. Keep us posted.

I was on celexa for only a week and I did get some pretty annoying ear fluttering in my right ear. It went away about 4 or 5 days after I was completely off celexa. I only took celexa for a week though. But that I did get that side effect.


Longshort, it IS a hassle going throught the process of trying medication, it is so time consuming and such an emotional roller coaster.

Well I got the ear fluttering last night, for about 4 hours. It was weird it was only when I was laying down, when I got up it went away.
It would start in my right ear and then go to my left ear, and wow was it loud. I also woke up with a headache on top of my “real” cold? Or
Celexa cold. All I know is I feel horrible. If this doesnt go away, Im not sure I want to ride this out thru Christmas. So dissappointed.
Its only been 4 nights of meds so… we will see. Did you get the ear noise the first time you were on Celexa to.
Weightloss is always nice. Dont mind losing a few during the holidays. :slight_smile:

Greg, why did you stop Celexa after a week? And what are you taking now,? working?

Celexa give either of you a headache?

My mom is on Cymbalta, for other reasons. She gained 10lbs rather quickly and boy was the first 2 weeks hard. Felt sick, weird etc…
than again, everyone is different. Wish it wasn’t so hard.


I got off of celexa after only a week because the wife and I are trying to have another baby and celexa made it impossible. I could have tried to wait out that side effect, but I figured I’d better dump it now before i have to wean off, cause what if that side effect doesn’t go away.

So I figured, If I’m not going to take an antidepressant right now, then I better do something that mimics what an antidepressant does naturally. So I hit the gym with weights and cardio for about a week and ate healthy foods. After one week, my general dizzy symptoms were so improved that I didn’t feel crummy again for about 2 weeks. I stopped the gym for the last few weeks because of thanksgiving and then I got a cold and now xmas is right around the corner so after xmas and new years I’m gonna hit the gym again because I felt a lot better quick. As soon as my wife is pregnant, then I’ll probably jump on a med. Unless I feel that much better from just the lifestyle change, then maybe I won’t jump on a med. I think that may be asking a lot though. That’s wishful thinking, but we’ll see.

When I was feeling better just a few weeks ago, I was thinking that I was glad I didn’t stay on celexa cause I feel pretty good and maybe I don’t need it.