Anyone Familiar with the BAUD

Just learned of this device which has been FDA cleared (if that has any meaning these days :shock: ), that actively trains the brain to rewire based on principles of neuroplasticity. Purported to have applicability to migraine. Wonder if it might help VM.


Hi andy,

I’ve not heard of this before - good find. It’s an interesting concept but send ridiculously over priced for what on the face of it seems like a pair of headphones and led lights.

Always worth bearing these things in mind if all else fails.

Still early days on the med trials for me, so retaining my hope that they help me as much as others.


30 days money back guarantee


At this point, I don’t think it is to be sold to individuals – only therapists. So the key is to get your therapist to buy one and then use it on you. You can convince him/her that it would be “good for business.” :wink:

It’s actually interesting technology combining biofeedback with binaural beats which have shown efficacy in modifying neural pathways.