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anyone feeling physically numb?

At least there’s a warning, right? Get to kind of brace yourself.

I’ve has surgeries, but I’m not sure if a nerve was disturbed. Mostly abdominal stuff. Had a sinus surgery done hmm, 2 or 3 years ago, can’t remember. Has to remove an enlarged turbinate that was blocking the entire right side of my nose and CT revealed going up into my eye socket area. Maybe that could’ve disturbed something? I have no idea. Don’t think that’s near the trigmenial nerve though.

Oh the migraine’s enough to stimulate a nerve. Or try a physio (PT over yr side) one recently gave mine a stir and didn’t I know it, instantly and for many days afterwards. Migraine I understand can have an affect on the nervous system. Nothing permanent by way of causing damage/severing/moving/cutting. And the trigmenial nerve is very involved in migraine syndrome and has three branches that reach most of our head and one of them goes straight into the eye sockets and don’t I know it personally for a fact from the second the physio massaged it. Wow.
And sinus? Um. Read @mav’s posts, she’s had sinus ops too. Strong links to migraine/MAV. Lots of ‘experts’ say there’s no such thing as a sinus headache, it’s migraine. So cause-wise you could have some link there.

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