Anyone from Canada?

Hi all,
Just wondering if there’s anyone on here from Canada. I’m thankful for our universal healthcare system, but there are so many problems with. Need someone to vent to, haha. :smiley:

Hi Ellen – well sort of. I grew up in Toronto and lived there for 20 years and then left for Australia.

What’s going on? I’ll be there for a visit in July. Can’t wait! :slight_smile:


Yay, a fellow Canuck. I’m from the west (Saskatchewan) and was just wondering if there was anyone else from here that knew of any migraine specialists in the prairie provinces. I love Saskatchewan, but very frustrated with the lack of specialists (I’m originally from Alberta and found there were so many more knowledgable doctors). My province is growing though and we’ve hit over a million now, yes, that’s right I’m talking about the whole huge province not just a city! Haha! So I know I can’t expect the cream of the crop, but yikes it’s scary when it seems like I know more about this than the neurologists (and just to be clear I have a ton of respect for doctors and I’m in awe of how much they have to know, just feeling frustrated!).

I’m from Montreal, Quebec and I’ve been put on a waiting list to see a neurologist. It could take anywhere from 6 months to a year. I actually sent my referral to 5 different doctors (reputable ones) just in case I can squeeze my way in with one of them before the end of the summer.
Last year, I was able to get an appointment with one rather quickly (too quickly) and after telling her about all my symptoms she said ‘could be migraine but can’t say for sure because you don’t have aura and the dizziness is probably your Meniere so go back to see your ENT about that’ and that was that. No ‘let’s do some more tests’, nothing. So I searched the internet for reputable neurologists and went to see my GP for another referral and sent this one to 5 different neurologists.
And now I wait patiently :cry:

Ahhh, lily blue that sucks! I know I love our universal healthcare because if I lived in the US and had no insurance I’d probably be going bankrupt right now, but that being said there are so many problems with our fragmented system. I’m in awe when people post that they went to the ER and got an MRI!? Like seriously, I can only wish. it’s just wait, wait and wait some more here. I’ve also had little help with the neurologists I’ve seen, I just saw one today and again he thinks it’s inner ear and wants me to see an ENT. I dont know if it’s they just dont listen or just dont know. Just really frustrating!