Anyone get pressure sensitivity as a symptom?

I have noticed especially since my last big flar up that i now get some pressure sensitivity. By this i mean if i pop my ears, laugh hard (not much of that happening lately :frowning: ), or blow my nose i get a short and sharp spin / vertigo which lasts only 1-5 seconds. Does anyone else get this?

Can’t say that I’ve noticed that happening with me - actually what I find most infuriating is having NO idea what brings on a mini lurch/zap/stumble etc.

Oh yes! I get short sharp spins when I blow my nose. Not every time but I’m always on the alert just in case and can’t help but steel myself. Those spins are very quick, over before you know it, but can be quite nasty.


You may want to check this out. It’s a condition caled alternobaric vertigo. … essure.htm. For me it’s the other way round, it feels like my dizziness improves when I pop my ears ( actually just one ear, cause I can’t pop my right one-ever)

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:
I guess my concern is i am still not totally convinced on my Dx. I still feel like there is Meniere’s in my picture unfortunately :frowning:

Yes sometimes if I pop my ears, and yes, sometimes if I sneeze.


Thanks :slight_smile:
Hmmm, So maybe it is just because we have such sensitive vestibular systems that we may get this then?