Anyone got the IUD?

Hey, so ladies, we can’t take contraceptive pills because they make our MAV worse - but do any of you have the no hormone copper-coil? or IUD?

I’m thinking about getting it…but don’t want to rock the VM boat!

Hey wtc, how are you doing honey?

Yes I have the iud, had it put in last September. I certainly noticed a reduction in symptoms when I came of the pill and had this but unfortuantely not an elimination of symptoms!

This week marks my 2 year mav anniversary aren’t I lucky!


No IUD, but birth control does not make me worse if it’s the mini pill so I just do progestin-only BCP or shots (depo). I have been thinking about the IUD as well (just less hassle over the longer term), but have not yet decided. I’m interested to hear others’ experiences.

I’m using birth control pills as one of my migraine preventatives and they seem to take the edge off some of my VM symptoms. I checked with my neurologist first, and she said that for about 1/3 of women, bc pills make migraine worse, about 1/3 have no effect on their migraine, and 1/3 find bc pills helpful in preventing migraine. Guess I’m in the last group! (I’m taking a low dose b/c of the potential stroke risk, etc. for those of us who are over 40 and have migraine issues.)