Anyone got vestibular nerve dysfuncion with mav?Dry eye 2?

my test show vestibular nerve dysfuncion anyone else got that too? Ive been reading post shere to get answers. DR says i have mav but im sill not sold on it.
i have a daily headche but not what i classify as a migrane. Ive also got chronic dry red eye and getting plugs, has anyone got this too oH & FLOATERS? Im trying the antihistame that some here have had success with on the weekend ill truely freak out if it works b/cause after 2 years of this chronic imbalance/spinning/rocking im at my wits end! any answers about this would be helpful Ta

It’s weird - we have similar issues.

I had plugs put in both lacrimal glands in 2005. I love them, but do NOT get “Smart plugs”. They’re permanent and cannot be removed if the duct gets infected, which mine did this year. I had a few excruciating visits to the opthalmologist who had to probe and irrigate my very tender, infected duct to get the plug pushed further down so the infection can resolve (it really cannot be removed).

First, I had a different kind of plug that sticks out a little, so it can be removed (they both fell out after a couple of years, and that’s when I got the Smart plugs).
These are good, but they’ll drive you crazy for a day or so until you get used to having them there. There are also temporary plugs that your doctor can put in that dissolve after a few weeks to see if they help you.

My tests also showed bilateral vestibular loss, not completely gone, but mostly. I’m doing much better with the MAV b/c I take a lot of meds and take good care of myself. It doesn’t make much sense to have MAV and real vestibular dysfunction, but I guess that’s what I have. The vestibular physical therapist had me do some balance exercises on a day that my migraine was well controlled, and I really do seem to have lost most of my balance. I’ve adapted pretty well; I’m really careful on stairs, gave up wearing heels, etc.

Hope this helps.

hey that is a bit weird whats the chance of both us having the samething? id love to know whether youve been told youve got sjorgens? i did happened 3 months before the vertigo. I ALSO be keen to find out about the plugs does it hurt etc, im getting the plugs that dissolve as a try too, are you in aus, im wondering if they medicare them…im on mission to solve some vertigo answers!! :smiley:

Getting the plugs put in is a breeze - doesn’t hurt at all. I’m in the US and have decent health insurance.

I might have something like Sjogren’s. I have a positive ANA which is a lab test associated with autoimmune disorders but not at all specific - lots of people have a positive ANA and are totally fine. Also, I have too many problems with my teeth from dry mouth. My daughter has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and a positive ANA, so there are likely autoimmune genes there.

For the eyes, I just try to stay hydrated, use eye drops etc. It sucks that amitriptyline, which REALLY helps the MAV, causes dry eyes and mouth. Since I had to have my plug pushed down and out of way my eye is really dry again. I’m going to work with my opthalmologist about what can be done.

Good luck. I think you’ll like the plugs.