Anyone have hydrops

I’m new here and my specialist really thinks I’m suffering from Vestibular MIgaraines but I just finished all the tests and I have a lot of fluid pressure in my right ear but don’t have any of the classic symptoms Meniere’s Disease. Does anyone else have MAV with fluid?


Hi Leslie, I have a lot of fullness in my left ear, it comes and goes. I know that this is also a common symptom of MAV even without having hydrops. I never had any testing done to check for fullness and hearing loss, but I could feel it full. I also don’t have any if the other symptoms that come along with Menaires/hydrops. Many on here have ear symptoms with MAV, my new GP also thinks I could have hydrops and told me to go on a low salt diet and he prescribed a water pill. I know better though, he doesn’t know much about MAV, also my ear fullness has subsided since being on migraine meds.

How would you even know?

It is not like they can see fluid build up behind the ear drum area…it would be complete specuation.

Trying a diuretic wouldn’t hurt anything…just may not help.

I say go for it and see what happens. it may just dry up any potential excess fluid there and help out.


I had a positive Vemp test and a positive ECOG test which kind of confirms the fluid although I’ve hear those tests can produce fall positives. I also had a CT scan for a Superior Canal Dehischence because thos positive tests also are true for SCD. The CT showed a small dehiscence but my doc wants to treat me medically for MAV first to see what happens. I was really hoping for a clear cut diagnosis instead of 3 separate things! I don’t have any classic symptoms of Meniere’s OR the SCD so he wanted me to try Verapamil. Im extremely med sensitive so he started me on 40mg twice a day. It made me feel exremely tired and feeling flat and gave problems sleeping. I lasted 4 days on it and quit. I am supposed to eat a low salt diet AND monitor migraine triggering foods. Sometimes I don’t know what the heck to eat anymore! The strange thing is, I’ve been having undiagnosed symptoms for 4 years and in September has 2 bouts of violent vertiogo that scared me half to death! We remodelled our house and there was a ton of stress and i had no kitchen and we were eating out every night and the sodium consumption was at an all time high and then out of the clear blue, BAM! After those 2 vertigo attacks, I never fully recovered from the regular dizzy self. I’m so depressed at this point and scared to eat anything. Around my menstural cycle is hell and I’m so dizzy I’m going to try and file for disability. I have heard that MAV can cause hydrops and that some tests come back positive for hydrops when there really isn’t any. I don’t know which diet to follow. Anyone have any positive results from meds? I’m terrified of Topomax so maybe I will give the Verapamil another try. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. This condition really sucks!