Anyone have milk as a trigger?


Has anyone pinpointed milk as a migraine trigger but not yoghurt or cheese?

I have used soyamilk on my cereal for 15 years as I don’t like the taste of milk very much. I have continued to eat yoghurt and cheese. As I am a patient of Dr Silver I haven’t done the strict migraine diet, I have followed his rules by cutting out caffeine etc. 6 months ago I read that the sludge in the bottom of a carton of soyamilk is the calcium supplementation falling out of solution and if you don’t shake the carton before serving you won’t be getting much calcium at all. This made me realise I was lacking calcium from my diet. I decided to switch back to cow’s milk and after 2 months my headaches stopped and my visual vertigo massively improved. But, and it’s a big but, as this change happened I have felt extremely off balance. I feel I am wobbling all the time which is a new type of dizziness to me.

Is it possible that I was suffering from a calcium deficiency but correcting it with cow’s milk is causing a different migraine symptom? I know it sounds a long shot but I feel quite desperate at the moment.

Any feedback welcome.