Anyone have success with Topamax?

My doctor dedcided he wants me to try Topamax. I have rocking and migraines. Has anyone had success with stopping the rocking? I saw one success story are there any others?

Hi 321,
I just started topamax less than 2 weeks ago. I was wondering what dose you are starting at and how fast you will be increasing this med and what is the goal dose your doc wants you to attain? I too have rocking.

Good luck!

I am well on 50mg of Topamax after a year of MAV hell. My symptoms were particularly severe, and it only took 50mg to solve the problem. I think it’s a fantastic medication!


My radiologist recommended it and said to have my internal med write it. I have not seen her, yet. I think I am going to ask to start on the lowest dose. I am super sensitive to meds. Rich, did you take pill, capsule or sprinkle also was it generic or name brand?

Well I am currently at 50mg and I have no headaches and no migraines but I am still having the vertigo and rocking feeling :frowning:

After years of being bed ridden, Depakote helped my migraines but did not help the vertigo at all. We switched to Topamax. Helped both migraines and vertigo. I was at 50mg twice a day for quite some time but was not getting enough help from this medication. I went up to 75mg twice a day on Topamax. Was VERY helpful, but I found the side effects quite difficult. They call Topamax: “stupamax” and “dopamax” for a reason. Side effects of Topamax CAN be: difficulty in finding word choices and remembering things. As with many people with MAV, I am quite sensitive to medication. I am now in the process of adjusting dosage of Topamax VERY slowly upward to reap the benefits of the higher dosage while allowing my body to “adjust” to side effects so that I may have the benefits without being a blithering idiot.
The goal for me is 100mg twice a day so that I am well enough to start vestibular rehabilitation. Everyone is different. Some people can be helped with an extremely low dosage, some require more (as an anti-convulsant, typical dosage can run 1600mg), it is basically trial and error and you are the guinea pig :slight_smile: However, YOU are the best judge of what WORKS for you.

are you serious?? topamax can be taken to 1600mg a day! this is insane.
But makes me feel like my goal of 100mg a day is definitely achievable!!

Has anyone had success with Topamax and, if so, how long did it take? I just completed an 8-week trial with barely any noticeable results. The rocking/swaying was reduced slightly but that’s about it. Now that I am off it, things seem much worse than when I started. Is this normal? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Topamax often has to be taken with another med to help with the balance issues. While Topamax may help people with balance problems, it generally is used more for the migraines. I take Topamax for the migraines/headaches and Klonopin for the balance. Some people find results using benzos for balance problems and then add in the headache med such as Topamax which helps overall. Also, Topamax takes a long time for results to be seen; one should titrate up slowly and not expect miracles right away. And if you suddenly stopped taking the med, yes, you will feel worse.

How long is a long time for Topamax? Is there an average duration of time when results (decreased dizziness/imbalance/motion intolerance) can be seen? Thanks.