Anyone recover without drugs?

I have been diagnosed with MAV. I am not completely convinced because the dr spent no time with me nor did he listen to me very well, but I know there is a good possiblitity is is right. I have very strong reasons for not wanting to try drug treatments. I am hoping there are some people who have recovered without them? Thanks.

I do believe there are a few people here on the forums who could give you very good advice about this. Personally, my symptoms are rather mild compared to a lot of people who post here, and drugs have always made me more miserable rather than less. I hope you can find something that works for you, and if you can recover without drugs then that’s great! It’s definitely possible.

Agree with Jon.

Member Beatles909 recovered within about 2.5 years without drugs. Look up his post history. He claims that it was a strict exercise regime that was the key to his success.

I also know someone personally who recovered from chronic dizziness within 1.5 years. Again an exercise regime was involved.

Thanks! I feel like my symptoms may be comparatively more mild as well? I have dizziness with visual stimulation, some mild headache, nausea and vision issues. Enough to mess up my career and infringe greatly on my life. I have another serious autoimmune condition that I have managed pretty well without drugs but it has taken me years. I hope that someone can give me some encouragement. I am so distraught today. I thought my life was on the way up and now it seems like I hit another huge roadblock.

Has anyway been diagnosed by an optometrist with eye- teaming issues, convergence insufficiency or hyperphoria?

I don’t know about specifics but inner ear trouble definitely affects eyesight as eye movement is linked to your balance sense.

I find that this is alleviated greatly by my medication : Amitriptyline @ 20mg nightly.

I to am someone who would prefer to avoid all prescription medication. I started looking into ortho molecular medicine (high doses of vitamins) and this has helped me greatly with other health issues but not the dizziness. Over the last 4 years I have seen 4 neurologists to include a trip to John’s Hopkins in April of this year and it was only when I was prescriber noratriptaline ( sorry spelling stinks) did I start to fell better. I am currently at 30mg at night and I feel about 80% as long as I follow a strict diet ( I follow the diet from heal your headache 123). I currently take 1200mg of magnesium per day in 3 equal doses. I take about 10000mg of vitamin c as well as 3000mg of B-3 and a good B complex vitamin. I am also one of those bible thumpers so I spend time in prayer, scripture reading and meditation. This helps me to remember that God is in control and there is a reason why this has been allowed to happen. It’s been a long 4 years but I am in much better health physically and I have a much better relationship with my wife and children. Just my 2 cents for what it is worth



How are you now?