Anyone taking nortriptyline? Anyone not taking meds to treat MAV?


I have MAV at least thats what my ENT says. I recently tried amitriptyline and had increasing anxiety and had a very bad attack while taking it and stopped. I was on it for 6 days before it happened. I don’t even know if its MAV, but the ENT seems to think since the med actually stopped my tension headaches and the dizziness pretty well that its def MAV. My symptoms are, off balance, dizniness most of the time, lots of anxiety, stress, dizziness before these tension headaches that come along with upper shoulder aches and neck pain, falling feeling at times, feel like Iam going to the left at times, heavy head, vision is off at times usually in one eye, rocking swaying sensations when sitting and standing, rocking was when it all started and was worst symptoms that caused awful anxiety that got out of control for awhile, I’ve had this for almost a year now. Its settled some since I’ve started seeing the psychologist and trying to handle the anxiety and fear from all this. I’ve also been doing VRT now for about 3 months maybe and it seeems to be helping.

I am very sensative to meds so I’m afraid to try them,. The ENt has given me nortriptyline 10mgs and I’m worried about the side effects being like the amitriptyline, so I’m having a hard time starting on it. I know only way to know is to try it. I was wondering if anyone on it or who tried ami then went to nort could tell me anything about it.

Also anyone not taking meds could give me some info on other things they are doing?

Also could anyone tell me do my symptoms sound simialr to MAV? With my health anxiety I keep thinking its something more. I really don’t understand how it keeps going, I mean one day you can be okay and no real symptoms, then bam you have them for days or weeks. Can anyone explain this? And how the symptoms change, there not consistant, its crazy. If anyone can help I would sure appreciate it.

Thanks for any help and listening.

HI there

Yes your symptoms do sound like MAV. Anxiety is part of the course with this as well. It actually affects the part of your brain that deals with the fight or flight response. As the symptoms start to ease the anxiety should too.

I haven’t tried ami but I’m on nort and it’s helped so much. I also follow the diet and take some supplements but I’m sure the medication is the thing that’s got me so much better.

I started on 10 mg and slowly I’ve worked up to 35 mg. The first couple of weeks on the medication I felt horrible and that’s so with each increase I made. But it only lasted a couple of weeks then it would pass. I’m now ticking over at about 95% or so, maybe even better usually. I’m under a lot of stress at the moment which has set my back a little.

I’d recommend trying it. You won’t know until you’ve given it a go if it’ll help you, but with this awful illness anything is worth a go. It has been a godsend for me.

I agree, the meds make a huge difference, hang in there. Also consider seeing a clinical psychologist to help you with the health anxiety which is completely normal for this nasty condition. If you find the right person they can make a huge difference too!

Hi Scottl, Have you experienced any weight gain on nort.? Facial edema? I did at 10mg and I wonder if this would go away after a while?

I’ve been taking amiitripiline 20 mg for about three years after a year of severe vertigo. I also have severe hearing loss, and originally it was thought my vertigo was Meniere’s.
It’s recently become clear that it’s MAV. My symptoms sound exactly like yours – the wandering eyes, the neck pain, the unsteadiness, mild annoying headache and occasional true vertigo with nausea and on other occasions disabling dizziness.
After dealing with progressive hearing loss for so long it took me a while to wrap my head around the fact that this was something different. But I think it is.
I take other meds as well. Small dose klonapin and antidepressants. I was also in weekly therapy for a long time and see the therapist still for med checks. All these have helped with anxiety. I lead a pretty normal productive life these days. I would recommend trying cognitiive behavioral therapy – it’s short term therapy and it might help relieve the anxiety by training you how to come to terms with it. VRT also sounds good.
As for diet, I’m lactose intolerant so avoid many of the trigger foods anyway. I do Pilates, which is excellent for balance. I think yoga would be too. Good luck!

Great advice KBinNYC. Much appreciated. Liv

Hi there liv85. I didn’t notice any weight gain to begin with but when I went from 20 to 30 I did get a bit. I think I may have gained 5 lbs. I feel like it’s mainly around the middle. I eat well and exercise and think that if I didn’t I may have gained more. It’s super annoying but it’s better than feeling like I did!