Anyone tried Migrelief?

I’m just curious if anyone has tried Migrelief and what their experience was like. I’m a chicken when it comes to prescription meds and am looking for something more natural to help with the dizzies. I started Migrelief (Quantum brand) today and don’t expect to see results for 30-90 days (that’s what the bottle states). I’ll let everyone know how I do…any feedback would be appreciated!! :smiley:

Hi Daisy-

I’ve been taking Quantum Migrelief for 10 months now. I’ve had very good results with it. About 4 months after starting it, I ran out of it, and went about 4 days without taking them, and I had a MAJOR migraine, complete with the worst aura I’ve ever had. Needless to say, that was the last time I ever let myself run out of it. (I order it on-line now, and never run low).
I can’t say it’s been the magic cure, but it has definitely helped me. (My sister takes it also, and says the same thing.)

It did seem to take about a month to start working, and it was kind of a gradual thing, so have patience. I too, am a big baby when it comes to taking drugs, so I can understand. (By the way, I also take gingko, and magnesium, as well as a good multivitamin).

My neuro Dr told me that the neuro assoc. is now giving this to their patients. She said it was studied and found to work for most people.