Anyone worse on Periactin?

Has anyone tried periactin and found it to make their symptoms worse? I’m two weeks in (on 8mg) and I reckon I’m going downhill. Am also on Sibelium (7.5) and Efexxor (150). I wonder if:

a) There’s some sort of weird drug interaction going on. My neuro (Heywood) said he didn’t think it would be an issue
b) Periactin has done this to anyone else?

Ironic as I am only trying Periactin in order to hopefully wean off the Sibelium, as it is a bit too sedating (but seems to work well). It’s a fine line between symptom control and ability to function at my best. But I’m a total zombie on the combination I’m on at the moment - although that is starting to clear a bit as I get used to the periactin.

Thoughts or experiences, anyone?

yes my symptoms were a lot worst on periactin. it reduces serotonin in your system some how. there wont b any interaction between periactin with effexor although they do opposite things so they r safe to take together thats what my neuro my case i was on cymbalta similar to effexor. the periactin was not letting the cymbalta work to its full potential. as soon as i got off the peri i started to feel much better.

Thanks Nabeel. Think it might be back to the drawing board!