Apalling surgery- need to vent!

I need to vent! I am getting very frustrated with the surgery I go to.

  1. 21/3/13 - request a sick note for 4 weeks.
    2)22/3/13 - surgery informs me they’ve lost my request form but will write another.
    3)25/3/13 - collect sick note for 1 week?! (Bear in mind Dr. Silver’s letter states that I am unable to work in a teaching environment at the moment) Dr I have been dealing with leaves.
    4)26/3/13 - see new dr, reissues new note for 1 month. As soon as I have left I realise it has the wrong date on it. Call surgery to inform them of mistake. Will be rectified apparently. Also realise have not been given enough medication.
  2. 27/3/13 - informed by a very rude receptionist that it hasn’t been done and can’t be done till following week as the dr who wrote it wouldn’t be in till then. Angry at this point! Not a lot I can do.
  3. 2/4/13 - call surgery. Receptionist had no idea about it. Heard another in the background saying the dr wanted to speak to me (poss about there not being enough meds, who knows?!) so am booked in for a telephone consultation today. No call! I call surgery, they check the list and it wasn’t booked in! Trying to keep calm. Asked to call again tomorrow.

I have had enough!!! Is it just me or is this ridiculous?! I must provide notes for my workplace and all of this is seriously stressing me out thus contributing to my dizziness big time.

I am sorry if I’ve posted this in the wrong forum and sorry to bore you all with my rant! Just had to vent!!

Hope you are all ok x x

Oh and one more thing … Last Dr I saw asked me ‘So you are sure it’s not labrynthitis?’ Aaahh, I am quite concerned that my health is being looked after by these people! I have said this before and i will say it again I think it is dreadful how little is known about this condition in the medical world. (Promise… I’m going now! Rant officially OVER!)

Sounds very annoying. Try to just sit back and know that you are unwell, and you can’t work. Work will trust you for so long, the note will be found eventually. On another slant - could you change surgery? x

Thanks for reading :slight_smile: Yes, I am changing surgery! Just waiting for my sick note! Once it’s in my hands I’m off haha! I’m not the type to complain at all, but I feel like complaining. This isn’t just one incident, It has been going on a long time, there are always locums so you very rarely see the same Dr twice so there is no continuity of care. I fear for the people who stay on!! I could have been in a really bad way today, fortunately I was ok, but for a receptionist to forget to book in a telephone consultation is quite alarming!

I need to start doing yoga again! Seriously! Maybe it’s this propranalol making me ratty?!! Deary me, right… deep breath in…out…

X x

Finally got my sick note :slight_smile: now moving surgery!