Appt. with GP today

This is going to be long, as I tend to ramble. Hope you guys don’t mind. I love reading about the appointments that you guys go on and just wanted to add mine since it has been over a year since my last doctor’s appointment (I had given up at the point).

After calling my neurotologist a couple weeks ago I found out I wasn’t able to get an appointment until July. I haven’t seen him for over a year and they were going to require a hearing test before even seeing the doctor. I couldn’t wait that long! I knew I had to have something before then because my anxiety level is super high and I have nothing to take for it other than the every now and then .25 mg of Xanax I get from my mom. However, I was able to get an appointment with my GP and saw him today.

I had the worst anxiety while waiting for him to come in, I hate talking about this crap with “outsiders” but don’t mind talking about it on here. I feel like it takes over my life enough as it is and a lot of my doctors have made me feel like a burden to them or just plain crazy. My GP was so caring and took the time to listen to me and helped develop a plan with me. When he asked about my diagnosis from the neurotologist I told him MAV, he basically said okay so you have migraine. Instead of worrying about a label, we know your symptoms and that you have had most tests possible that would indicate a severe problem with your health in regards to your symptoms. At this point I would like to try starting you on some different prescriptions, low doses to get you back to functional. I explained the anxiety that has taken over and he was compassionate and looked sympathetic and said “I’m sorry”. He told me he could understand about the anxiety due to dealing with this for so long and he would probably have it as well. We discussed the different options and decided on Klonopin for the anxiety. He said he would like for me try that at first by itself because I may not even need anything else. He gave me a prescription for Topamax as well. I asked him if he recommended me going to my neurotologist for the rest of my treatment and he said it was whatever I felt comfortable with. I told him I would rather see him as long as he didn’t feel burdened by me. :lol: I go back to see him in two weeks to check on the levels of my prescriptions and if he needs to up anything. He said he would be interested in is a blood test later on since it has been a while, just to be on the safe side. So my prescription was for Clonazepam (Klonopin) .5 mg and to take 1/2 tablet twice daily as needed, so I would be taking .25 mg at a time. The Topiramate was prescribed at 25 mg and to take twice daily.

For the first time I walked out of a doctor’s office optimistic and happy. I’m not putting all my hopes into this prescription but I’m just I found a doctor that I can try things out with and who actually cares about me. If anyone has any recommendations regarding these prescriptions, I would love to hear them! I’m going to take the Clonazepam when my husband gets home tonight, due to previous bad reactions with medicine.


I’m so PLEASED you came away from your appointment feeling like you’d been listened to and taken seriously (my GP is a rock star).

I cant wait for your update on the Clonaz/Klon coz the more I read, the more I feel I gotta get my hands on this stuff!! I’m on between 2mg and 4mg Valium per day and I dont know if it’s doing anything or what…

I had a call today from HSBC asking me to come back next Thurs (14th) to try a week’s work to see how I’d cope. I was excited but at the same time, after putting down the phone I could feel my anxiety starting to climb… ‘what if I have a meltdown on the train, I’ll now on the 38th floor of this massive high rise buidling, Canary Wharf (financial district of London) is like a circus in manic mode, plus my illness started when I was at HSBC’… so I’m already freaking myself out and the decision is not even made as to whether I’ll go back or not next Thurs!!!


But listen - you relax and dont STRESS when you take the pill - take it and enjoy the ride - I’ve always loved taking pills coz I have the thought process of ‘oooohhh you’ll make me feel better’ so I’m not scared of meds… you gotta think that way too.

Much love x

Hi there!

So glad you feel listened to finally and that you have found a sympathetic doctor. Sometimes that’s half the battle.

Clonazepam has really helped me for years with this crap. Sometimes I take 0.5mg, other times 0.25mg, depending on how I feel. For me it helps both the anxiety and the dizzies.

As you probably know, it is a benzo and therefore potentially addictive. I tend to give myself ‘rest’ periods from it.

When MAV/migraine coexists with anxiety, according to my otoneurologist, pregabalin (Lyrica) can be very good. He has put me on that now and I haven’t felt so much need for clonazepam. To be honest though I don’t know what the long-term effects of this can be - it’s a relatively new drug (related to Neurontin (Gabapentin)) so long term addiction/withdrawal studies are not really out there.

Not sure if you’ve tried any other benzos before - if not you might find clon makes you sleepy (in a nice way) tonight, but slightly hung over in the morning, although 0.25mg is a very low dose. But I have usually found 0.25mg extremely effective.

Have a lovely calm evening and a good night’s sleep!

Dizzy Izzy x

I just wanted to add my two cents. My psychiatrist rx’d klonopin as my first drug and I was fearful to take after a bad withdrawal from Lexapro and Ativan…I didn’t know which one did it, but came off cold turkey( Doctor said I could…wrong!!) and got in a really bad place…got very fearful to try any other psychiatric meds. These days, I find Klonopin to be the best…I take 1/4 of my .5mg pill and have absolutely no side effects. If i took the .5mg I would get sleepy but that 1/4 pill just takes the edge off and rids dizziness to a great degree.
Regarding that Topamax prescription…there are many people who prefer to start much lower than that and go much slower…do some research…even on this site if you just do a search you will see a lot of people have problems with meds, and low and slow is the way to go…for most!
Good luck and thanks for sharing.

Hi - thanks for sharing your story - that’s what makes forums like this so valuable - people comparing their experiences! :slight_smile:
It’s great that you have a new-found optimism - long may that continue!

I just wanted to pass a comment on the Topiramate dosage - is the starting dosage 50mg per day (2 x 25mg)? Please don’t let me put you off in anyway - everyone’s different afterall - but just wanted to let you know that that may be an optimistic starting dosage, based on my experience and many others who have trialled this drug. Just something to bear in mind (I started at 25 per day for a couple of weeks before trying to move to 50mg, and lots of people start lower and titrate slower than that). So if you have any problems, don’t be afraid to try a ‘lower and slower’ approach. I wish you all the best - please let us know how you get on…


Muppo - I do hope you try to go back because I know not being able to work upsets you. Just remind yourself it’s a trial, you can always leave at any point if you feel you can’t do it or feel too anxious. I did this last week during my Statistics test, however it wasn’t a trial and my grade reflected that. :lol: Sometimes during class though I will get up if I’m feeling anxious, go to the restroom and splash some water on my face and just look in the mirror and calm myself down by taking deep breaths. I probably look crazy but no one is ever in this particular restroom because it’s at the top of the Biology building at night. I usually feel much better after this. I will keep you updated on the Klonopin. Wish I had your outlook on the medicine. I try but all the bad experiences I’ve had scare me. Keep us updated on what you decide about work.

Dizzy Izzy - So glad to hear it has helped you, hoping it will do the same for me! Thanks for the recommendations. I’m definitely going to give myself rest periods. My doctor recommended that for the Klonopin, as needed he said and try the smallest dosage to get results.

Kelley - Thanks for sharing the amount of Klonopin you use. My GP knows I react to very small dosages of medicine, so told me to take no more than 1/2 of the 5 MG tablet if possible. Since the 1/4 worked for you I think I’m going to start with the 1/4 of 5 MG tablet because I don’t want to have a bad reaction and be scared to take anything else. Lexapro did that to me, I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest! Whenever I get to the Topamax I will definitely be taking a smaller amount than he prescribed, I’ve heard of some side effects and would like to minimize those and work my way up very slowly. I’m surprised he didn’t tell me to take a smaller dosage. Well I’m letting Topamax hang out in my medicine cabinet until I get the Klonopin figured out and then if I still feel I need it will start it.

Tony - The instructions for the Topamax say one 25 mg tablet twice daily, so yeah 50 mg. Thanks for the advice. Majority rules with the Topamax, smaller dosage it is. I was already thinking when I decided to take it that I would probably cut into 1/4 and take that twice daily. So my total daily would be 12.5 MG. I’m a weakling when it comes prescriptions. I just don’t want to scare myself away from prescriptions since it has happened in the past.

Thanks for all the comments and support everyone! Can’t wait to take my Klonopin tonight. Low and slow it is with Topamax (praying I don’t have to take it). Did you guys find that the Topamax helped you at all? I know everyone is different, just curious.

The thing with Klonopin is you don’t feel it…it doesn’t do anything execpt after you take it you think, hum…I amnot feeling as dizzy/anxious as I was…there’s no stop/start feeling…it’s quite smooth. I would be more apt to try the larger dose at night so you’re not tired during the day…I have a great article a doctor wrote about the benefits of Klonopin…he was gung ho about using is generously as a way of protecting the brain…I’ll try to find it and post the link…

— Begin quote from “JBankston”

Did you guys find that the Topamax helped you at all? I know everyone is different, just curious.

— End quote

Hi - it’s still too early to say in my case - my aim is to be at 50mg for at least 4 months, which won’t be until the end of May, so it’s a waiting game for me! :frowning:
As yet, I haven’t had any real relief from the 24/7 dizzies, but here’s hoping…


I’m so pleased to read that your GP was so sympathetic and you had a really productive appointment. I can’t really add anything to the advice the others have given you, but I wanted to wish you luck with sorting this out and hopefully you will see a big improvement soon.

Great news on the appointment with the GP. Finding someone who understands and is happy to work with you on this is a great boost. Good luck with the Klonopin and let us know how it goes. Kelley has great results with it.